Hare krsna,

 If he was born in a krishna concious family and chants the hare krsna maha mantra throughout his whole life without any material attachment ,all sences controlled and his body engaged upon offering devotional service to the lord just like a wife or gopi at home itself. Will he gain eternal liberation? Or the varnasrama principles are mandatory to follow?

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  • Hare krishna , PAMHO

                  One can serve the lord while being in any of the 4 ashrams and attain the supreme abode of Lord Krishna ,Goloka Vrindavan , What is Required is Unalloyed Devotion towards Krishna Just like you mentioned in your Question Prabhuji .

  • Hare Krsna,

    The criteria for attaining the realm of Krsna is only by developing pure conjugal love for him, in the form of mother, father, beloved etc. This is only possible when one spends his entire life constantly remembering the Supreme, and performing devotional activities, to such an extent that he passes all the stages and gradually becomes a pure exalted devotee. This means all anarthas in the heart are cleansed and free from desires, and as result that person will never experience falldowns becoming free from the tight grips of Maya. This is a very difficult task, and whether one can achieve this is irrespective of if one takes sannyas or not. Anyone can become a pure devotee, what to speak of a householder. Speaking in terms of Goloka, a pure devotee has to have bhava In the perception that Krsna is not God, but a friend, son, mother etc. That is a special type of relishing of loving exchange. However, keep in mind a pure devotee does not even aspire to achieve liberation, what to speak of other planets, their only satisfied by spontaneous devotional service.


    Tamal Krsna

    • Person only need to remember Krishna in the moment of leaving material body. Otherwise, sinful Putana would never attain it.

      • Yes, exactly. Krsna can only be remembered @ the time of death if one spends their entire life remembering and rendering service unto him. Whatever one spends time mediating on throughout their life, which is likely what they'll remember in death, that will be their attainment in their next life. But Putana's case was different, she was able to have contact with Krsna himself and Kamsa plotted ways to kill Krsna. Normal jivas being offensive toward Krsna and imitating them can't expect to attain the Vaikuntha planets. They were part of Krsna's intimate pastimes.

        • By constant remembering one is already in transcendental world, and when one is  there, there is no need to go somewhere else.

          Those who constantly occupies their mind with Vraja lilas, are already in Goloka.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna,


    If a person does what you have mentioned, then he is already a pure devotee. 

    Varnashram is to facilitate elevation of the soul. There is no compulsion to take sanyas to go to Goloka.

    Having said that, pure devotee does not even aspire for Goloka - pure unalloyed devotion is when a devotee is willing to stay in heaven or hell or anywhere in between, as long as he is getting service of the lord and knows that Krsna is using him as an instrument in His plan.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • i want live with krishna devottes i am fully conscious of krishna i want to be a sanyasi how should i live with them what is qualification and i can do anything anywork in iskcon hare krishna
    • E-Counselor

      Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


      Please visit your nearest ISKCON temple, associate with devotees and get into their congregation preaching. Take it forward from there. 

      To be a sanyasi, the qualification is - neither words, nor thoughts, nor actions - one should have association with women. One should be a soul surrendered to Krsna. Other qualifications, they will tell you in the temple.

      To be a pure devotee, one does not need to be a sanyasi. One only needs viraha bhaav from the lord - feeling of separation from the lord.


      Your servant,

      Radha Rasamayi DD

  • the answer for ur question is found in the book "manah siksha" by raghunath das goswami.
    --its first verse itself instructs u regarding varnasrama following and how to attain goloka--
    plz study carefully and adopt the principles therin under the guidance of ur seniors if u truly have greed for achieving goloka
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