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Can I chant on Tulasi Mala if I am consuming onion and garlic ?

Hare Krsna,

Please accept my humble obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

1)I am vegetarian but I consume onion and garlic as my environment (Hotel food/ Office food)is not suitable .Can I chant on Tulasi Mala ?

2)If not allowed to chant on Tualsi Mala, which Mala would be suitable?

Do I need to chant the 16 rounds at one go or can I make it 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening?

Please guide me through the above doubts..

Hare Krsna

Your humble servant,


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Prabhu, better You chant on Neem beads.

And better to chant in one time all 16. But if Your timetable is not allowing to do that then chanting 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening is also ok.

Your servant, 

Thank you mataji...

Hare Krsna Prabhu,

you continue chanting according to your timetable as per whatever Bhaktin Mataji said and at the same time ask Krsna to have mercy on you to accept your chanting.

By His mercy you will learn the best way to offer Him your chanting.. So please continue chanting  attentively, if possible in front of Tulasi mandir.

Thank you Avik Prabhu :)
Hare Krishna dear Mangesh Prabhu ji .

I am sorry to say , but you must stop the intake of Onion and Garlic anyhow . The reason is these things are a high source of Mode of Ignorance i.e. Tamogun . Thus you will develop Ignorance and it is very very very difficult to perform devotional service when one is heavily coverved by Tamas . Also onion garlic will make you Lusty . So it is impractical to chant properly in such matter even if you chant on a bead made with plastic beads . It is natural that you will give up chanting or your rounds will be decreased gradually . Your mind will remain disturbed in random thoughts while chanting and thus no proper focus on hearing each word attentivly !

So it is better to stop this problem than making any compromise . Try to learn cooking and prepare your own food . In hotels (better not to go ), you may ask for Jain food (don't forget to offer first to Krishna) or personally tell hotel manager or your Tiffin provider that , " I'm a vaishnav so please kindly avoid onion and garlic . Or you may choose to eat fruits or sweets or some other stuffs in which there is no chance of adding onion and garlic .

And ya , I'm not telling you to stop chanting . No, you MUST chant . Don't be disappointed, please . I'm and sorry and plz forgive me Prabhuji if you felt my words a bit harsh .

Yes you can do it . Afterall you are part and parcel of KRSNA . Just pray to Krishna to make the things favourable .

Thank you very much .
Hare Krsna .

(all Prabhus and Matajis , plz remark , if I there is some mistake above . Since commiting mistake is a material defect )
Hare Krishna Prateek Prabhu,

Thank you for your reply.I am trying my best to get rid of consuming onion and garlic.
Exactly Prabhu !...But if we can control our eating habits and just eat whatever is offered to Krsna , our progress in KC would increase exponentially...:)

sometimes i do not understand Your answers Dean Prabhu.

How is it possible to eat something unknown and try to keep our mind on Krishna?

If one does not come to the mode of goodness it is not possible to jump to pure goodness.

So goodness means one should be pure from within and out.

Food, cloth, what we speak, what we do...all effects on our consciousness.

So we cannot think of Krishna when our mind is in the mode of ignorance by eating onion and garlic.


Hare Krsna Mataji,

Thank you for the perfect clarification. :)

Your humble servant

Hare Krsna Dean Prabhu,


If that is the case, that even person in more of ignorance can be a devotee of the lord, then why do we tell people to try to achieve mode of goodness, follow four regulative principles and chant 16 rounds daily?



Hare Krsna Prabhu,

I know a person from a Jain family. Although he is completely vegetarian, but due to bad association, his nature is not so good. 

I think the surrounding as well as the past life samskaras must be affecting the concerned person.

Please forgive me if my explanation is not proper.

A senior devotee will be able to give a much appropriate answer.

Hare Krsna.

Your humble servant,


Hari Bol .

Personally , I can't follow Krishna Consciousness as soon as I'm in mode of ignorance . There is a diff of day and night to serve Krishna in mode of Goodness than Ignorance . The level of devotion in goodness is very much higher than ignorance .

In ignorance , we adust Krishna acc to our own material desires , which is not pure devotion . It is expected , to get over such material weakness , to sincere devotees who wants to advance themselves from ignorance , to passion , to goodness -> to pure gooness i.e. Suddh sattv and further to trancendental qualities - sat,chit,aanand !

And simply by reading and getting theoretical knowledge its no gain at all . Its all practical and can be undestand and felt only by practice . I am myself on the road , so better keep quiet untill I actually realize myself and further realization .

Hare Krishna .


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