According to Srimad Bhagavatam (11.17.17), the natural qualities of a kshatriya are -

Dynamic power, bodily strength, determination, heroism, tolerance, generosity, great endeavor, steadiness, devotion to the brāhmanas and leadership are the natural qualities of the kshatriyas.

Does above qualities of a Kshatriya are inconsistent with qualities required for devotional service to Krishna. Can a kshatriya practice devotional service to Krishna along with his prescribed duties as kshatriya ?

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  • Hare Krishna. Msg me on my gmail I will explain u everything. Urgent.
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu, Im in no way an expert at answering queries but I can share some snippets. A pujari at a temple I know is a SriVaishnava and worked in the crime branch for about 35 years and used to work in Sri Vaishnava clothing and full body tilaka (uniform being Panchakaja and vastra on top) and all the while still did his duty. So I guess its possible when we have vairagya and a strict sadhana discipline.  

    Hare Krishna!


  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Rishi Prabhu,


    Sorry for the delay in responding. To answer your first question, I dont think there is any doubt that a Kshatriya can also become a devotee and perform devotional acts, that is already unanimously conveyed.

    Now the question of how to do it - Srila Prabhupada would say and it is mentioned in the Gita that whatever leaders of society do, the society follows. As an IPS, if your subordinates come to know (which they shoudl gradually) that you are into Krsna Consciousness, you have no idea how many will become pseudo devotees to get favours from you. Be that as it may, if they get mercy, that pseudo devotion can get converted into real devotion.

    Seconly, do not go into duty first day and start doing kirtan. Be judicious in what you can do publicly and what you need to practise privately and use your head at all times. The intelligence given to us is also from Krsna, wont harm to use it in His service. If you start from day 1, you will be branded and before you can figure out, people around you will be telling you - trinadapi sunicena...

    Regarding being humble as a blade of grass and still doing duty of IPS, devotion is internal. You do not have to show externally how humble you are. By treating a person who comes to you for justice equally with another who also comes to you, but with contacts or is influential, you are showing your fairness and humility, right?

    You start walking on the path, Krsna will see your sincerity and teach you how to walk down the path of devotion Himself. You will gradually be able to arrive at what works for you. What you need to do is be very very firm on your sadhana - come what may, you will chant 16 and follow 4. Try to take out time everyday and read Gita. It will guide you like no one else can.

    Regarding there being dishonest policemen and how you will survive in the corruption, have faith in Krsna and do your endeavour. If you are sincere, He will protect you. And if you land up in a tight spot, keep your faith, its only to taech you a lesson that you need to evolve spiritually. At all times, chant and have faith.

    Regarding endeavour to solve murder mysteries and other cases you come across, by all means, do your endeavour with due diligence. Krsna nevery says dont do anything. Just leave the results to Krsna. If you could do, then it is the mercy of the lord. If you could not do, then you will need to put in more effort next time and learn the lesson. At all times, maintain your humility. Externally, you can accept the praise, internally thank Krsna. You understand what I mean?

    Best of luck prabhu. You will need good wishes of devotees.

    Keep chanting.

    Haribol and dandvats to you,

    Your servant,


    • haribol mataji, pamho,

      Thank you question also got answered.....very grateful to you...

      hare krsna

  • Hare Krishna..

    There is no need for you to be corrupt by seeing your fellows corrupt. There are many honest policemen out there guarding the citizens of this country. You can become one among them. Remember, dharma is always from your side. It cannot be generalized saying the whole department is corrupt by seeing few like that. If everybody sits around in chanting, then who will do the duty of Kshatriya(protection) in this world? Please don't be misguided here. You can always pray to the Lord and as you have pointed out, you can change the mindset of criminals as well.

    Do what your heart says, cause that's the place where the supreme resides.



    • Hare Krishna Rishi Mathur Prabhuji! Dandvat.  First of all I really congratulate on the journey of your IAS to IPS and iam sure you will do it.  I am not that capable to clear your doubt from your heart but surly if you belive in Lord Krishna then iam sure Lord Krishna will clear your path after my advice.  First of all I am not at all agree from the advice of Bhanu kiran Mataji/Prabhuji as this is absolutely against statement of Sri Mad Bhagwad Gita.  As we can take the example of The Great Warrior Arjun from Mahabharata.  He was also Kshatirya and the best friend of the Lord Krishna.  When Kauravs invited them for drut Kida (Gamble) and by the corrupted way mama shakuni and kauravs won the gamble and misbheved with Pandavs and as well as Draupadi in front of all.  So finally Lord Krishna came for the help of Pandavs & Draupadi as she called Lord Krishna for her help.  When Lord Krishna heared about this inciedent, from that itself he was not happy with the job of Kauravs and shakuni. Lord Krishna made all his effort to stop that war through the war treaty but Mean & Cunning duryodhan did not accept their (Pandavs) any proposal by saying that he will not return even a single piece of land equally to a needle. Now there was no hope of peace as Duryodhan tried to humiliate to Lord Krishna also.  It was sure that war had to take place.  And that final day come when the army of both of the side arrived at the battle field of Kurukshtetra. Arun request to Lord Krishna to take his chariot in the center of battlefield, he wanted to see all the people & relatives who all were fighting against them and against the Truth, Religion, Honesty.  When he saw that Guru Dronacharya, Pitamah Bhishma, Kul Guru Kripacharya and other blood relatives were fighting against them,  he shocked and sat down with demotivation, his throat was drying, he was sweating and shivering from the result of this war as he was aware that all his guru and relatives will die at this fight.  Since Arjuna was warrior but at the same time he was very polite & humble for all and he did not want that innocent people should not die in this war.  He asked 'The Lord Krishna' that better killing to his relatives than he should go away from the battlefield and live in the forest and act as a sadhu while taking the name of God (Lord Krishna) but Lord Krishna showed him the path of BhaktiYog while engaging in your Karma. Lord Krishna never adviced him to leave everything & just chant my holy name.  Lord Krishna adviced him "Sarva Dharama Prityajte Mam Mamekam Sharnam" it means leave all dharma & come in my refuge.  I will relive you from all sin.  Now Prabhuji Lord Krishna said to Arjun that do your karma for which I have assigned you but do not forget me just centralize me in all your daily karma by doing so you will not affected from the cause of paap & punya.  Lord Krishna said to Arjuna is sansar me koi bhi aisi vastu nahi hai jo mai pana chahun aur paa na saku but mein phir bhi karma kar raha hun aur ye dikhla raha hun ki karma ke marg se bhi bhakti may jeevan jiya ja sakta hai aur agar mein karma karna band kar dun to karma chakra ruk jayega aur ye shristi ruk jayegi. Aur iske bad Bhagwan ne Arjun ko apna Vishwa Roop Dikhlaya.  Bhagwan kahte hein ki hame apna niyat karma karna chahiye but sab kuch Lord Krishna ko surrender karke. Bhagwan Lord Chaitayna ke roop me 500 year pahle hamare paas aye aur hume holy name ki mahima aur value samjhayi  So just keep chanting, Bhagwan ki mangal Arti attend Karen. Apne life ke har kam ko bhagan ko samrpit Karen to aap apne aap hi paap aur punya karma ke chakra se nikal jayenge.  So aap Bhawan Lord Krishna se prayer Karen aur apko agey ka marg prashast karne ki kamna Karen. Meri best wishes apke saanth hein.  You just carry on your job while chanting Hare Krishna Mantra accordingly. Hari Bolllllllllllllllllllllll Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananda! Sri Advait Gadadhar Sri Vasadi Gaur Bhakta Vrinda ki Jai.  Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna! Krishna Krishna! Hare Hare! Hare Rama! Hare Rama! Rama Rama! Hare Hare!

    • Hare krishna Prabhu,

      If you want to change the face of the country you need a Group of krishna conciosness devotees having similar intrests caoming together to form a party ,If you are alone you are weak

      One stick is easy to break but a bunch of sticks is strong. so If you are a Group of sadhakas /devotees in politics you stand a chance of changing the Future  of the country towards Krishna Consciosness and Bhakti. Sadhu Sanga.

      But in this situation Rishi Prabhu would be an alone IPS devotee in his field trying to change the situation at hand ,i.e turning prisoners into devotees ,For that you need to make the prisoners do sankirtan ,kirtan Prabhupada did it this way. Now an IPS officer is not Indipendent he has to abide by the Govt Rules and report to his Superiors ,Politicians ,there will be several hiderances .Prabhu what im pointing out is it would be easier to Spread Krishna Consciosnes sin some other field than in this Field.

      Even if you do a Normal Job you can Spread Kc to your fellow Officemates

      we are not pure devotees so "Easier to Give Krishna to the living than to the dead"

      Subhash prabhu you tell me did you ever make a Murderer, aRapist,a dacoit into a devotees . Im not saying its not possible but you need to have the mercy of a Pure devotee like Srila Prabhupada to transform one .Srila Prabhupada,Srichaitanya Mahaprabhu,Nityanada Prabhu, they can do it .

      Its only Through Sankirtana that people get attracted to Lord Hari.

      If only you can Make them do kirtan in the jails .I have no Problem.


  • Hare krishna  Rishi prabhu,PAMHO 

                   Rishi Prabhu after watching Stye mev jayate on police episode ive lost all respect to police, Ive come to know the reality of police in india ,during British times indian poicemen were kept to execute their govt orders .it still remains the same after Indipendence the police are not meant to serve the public but to do the chapprasi work of Politicians, They are the dogs of politicians , Now i dont see how an honest officer who wants to serve the public with sincerity can withstand the political pressure. If you dont do the politicians work yoll be transferred from one place to another ,worst case Suspension .I dont think a practicing sadhuka can survive this corruption.yoll be corrupted and lose our godly Qualities and be lost in maya and heed to Greed.

                                                      You intensions are good but you dont need to stand the risk of getting Dragged into Corruption, Do take part in sankirtana ,the congregational chanting of the holy name of god.This you dont needto mix with your carreer. Personally i woudnt recommend it.

    Not all people can become devotees Its throuh the Lords Mercy and a pure Devotees Mercy that one gets the chance of krishna Consciosness. Only an Acharya could turn Prisoners into devotees like Sril Prbhupada turned Hippies into Devotees .

    Your Ever Well Wisher

  • Namaste

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for your duty and service to the IPS. You are of the most stalwart of good character, it is obvious by the very nature of your question.

    I am no authority to answer other than my personal opinion is, I welcome more police officers as yourself, and am happy to hear you are both serving the IPS and that you are a devotee of Krishna as well. I hope more officers as yourself also are KC. And you seem to have the gunas of a Kshatriya, please be both a devotee and an officer.

    Why would serving in the IPS interfere in your devotions? Does an IPS officer have to eat meat as part of regulations? Of course not. Is an IPS officer not allowed to have darshan at the Temple? That would be absurd. Yes, an IPS officer must come to the Temple. Is an IPS officer not allowed to chant the Maha Mantra? There is no such regulation, please chant! So you see, how does being an IPS officer interfere with being a devotee?

    There is no interference.

    By the way, you must know the name Kiran Bedi. I am a great admirer of hers, she served the IPS with heroic stature, and she is under consideration for a position under the Modi government.

    Your ever well wisher, Jai Sri Krsna
  • Hare krishna Rishhi Prabhu,PAMHO

    Anyone can Practice Devotional Service there are no caste barriers ,Arjun was a Ksatriya and he fought the war for krishna ,So If we read the Bagavat Gita and understand the way Arjun did it youll Know how even a Kshatraya can do devotional practice.the core of Devotional service doesnt change according to castes in fact its the same to all, doing your 16 rounda of japa,reading prabhupada books understanding the philosophy and implementing in real life, hearing lectures, kirtans ,visiting the temple ,taking association of devotees and so on .

    As an IPS office he can be honest in his work and his dealings by becoming a Devotee ,he  can donate some percentage of income  towards Krishna for his benefit.and advance by doing karma Yoga 

    Jai Srila Prabhupada.

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