Hare Krsna ,

It is said that anyone can chant the holy name of Lord in any sate ,

But with respect to women,in days when she is not considered pure,

can she still serve deity,touch the Mala and Deity or Holy Books ?

Also can she cook the Prasadam !

What,what can she do and what,what is prohibited in inpure state ?

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  • Hare Krishna..

    Let's see from Gita's perspective. You are not this body. You are the spirit soul. You can bathe this body so that it becomes pure. But can you touch your spirit soul? You cannot. So, how do you make your soul pure? By keeping your thoughts pure. And by keeping aside the doubt's of can I do this can I do that. So, be pure by heart. You get all this doubts because you still didn't believe that you are not this body. Believe it as the Lord said and you will find your answer.



  • Volunteer

    According to the smarta vidhi, women cannot touch deity during menstrual period but the goswami viddhi allows. But it is better not to do it. One thing is that the seva can never be stopped for any reason. This also for the cooking. (Letter to Amsu- Vrindaban, 13th. August, 1974). 


  • Volunteer

    Chanting in Tulasi beads should not be stopped anytime if person is following 4 regulative principles.

    Reading also can be done in any condition.

    Deity worship: if They are home Deities and there is no one at home to feed Them then she must to cook and offer bhoga to Them. 

    Usually in western countries there are no enough men pujaris so it happens that female pujaris has to take care of Deities. So it is out of emergency. 

    But better she take those days rest and do not cook or touch Deities, but chant, and read. 

    But if there is emergency and Deities, kids are hungry then she has to take bath several times a day and cook, worship...

    Your servant

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krsna Mata Ji ,

      you mean to say she can hold Bhagavad Gita in hand and read it in those days.

      Is it really true ?

      • Hare Krishna Prabhu,


        yes, she can read Bhagavad Gita and all other books without any worry...


  • Hare Krishna,

    As far as Chanting is concerned, it can be done in any condition of the body.

    if you still feel not to hold Tulsi Japa Mala, you can chant on Neem Japa Mala, but you can chant in any condition.

    anytime, anywhere, anyhow and anyone can chant the holyname.

    this is the beauty of this holyname and Kaliyuga....

    and as far as Deity worship is concerned, if woman is alone can do it(as per my knowledge, better consult seniors).

    if there are any other member at house who can help her then it will be good.



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