• When Lord Krishna apparently left Vrndavana the residents of Vrndavana appeared as though dead already. The only thing that gave them hope was that Krishna said He would come back some day. Nowhere does it say in sastra that one can go back to Godhead at the end of this life by committing suicide. However a yogi can choose when to leave his body by the mystic process of yoga, with the soul bursting out of the yoga pitha, the life air hole at the top of the head, and go to any planet he desires. But that is a different thing altogether.

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    Devotees in bhava stage are very very exalted. As you may know, in the nine stages of devotion, the highest stage is prema stage. Before that is the bhava stage. The more one surrenders to the lord, the more the lord takes charge of the devotee and personally monitors everything.

    It is natural that a bhava stage devotee feels separation from the lord. When not a leaf can move without His permission, do you think the lord would let a devotee give up his life just like that?  

    There is no question of suicide or euthanasia for a devotee - whatever the stage of devotion he has reached.

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  • No, definitely not, according to shastra, suicide is a great sin and one must be born as a ghost as a reaction to murder. In Chaitanya-charitamrta, it says that junior Haridas, who committed suicide at Triveni Sangam, became a ghost. There is a form of spiritual suicide such as jal-samadhi or throwing oneself under the wheels of the Jagannatha Rath, but one will inecitably become a ghost. Such suicide is not approved by the Vaishnava acharyas and finds no mention in Gita or Bhagavatam. One must endure ones karma till natural death occurs under all circunstances. This answer was supplied to me by Rajasekhara Dasa Brahmachart (ACBSP) Yours Samrat

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