Burnt Jap Bag

After doing a short morning prayer and after litting incense stick,I went to have breakfast then was watching a horror movie in the morning after 5 to 10 minutes of daily prayer. I was so involved in the movie that when there was a horror scene in the movie at that very time i felt some foul smell very strong of burning i quickly looked here and there and within no time came to a quick conclusion that something burning in the small temple shelf I saw that my jap bag catched flame and burnt into ashes. For first time it happened to me in life but I kept jap bag some distance away from the incense stick I really don't know how do it caught fire. I thanks God that Laddu Gopal deity and Srila Prabhupada books were safe. The chandana jap bead some beads turned black I don't know whether I should use that Jap bead or should change.This was a really bad experience yesterday I and my Father had met with a small accident luckily we both were not injured but the rickshaw man had some minor injuries.Please guide me these are not good symbols

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  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Please do not worry about good or bad symbols etc.  just accept that it was an accident and ask the nearest temple devotee what to do with the beads.  When you are fully surrendered to Krishna, one should not be worried about what might happen. 

    The following by Jagadguru Srila Prabhupada

    ...rakhe krsna mare ke mare krsna rakhe ke. If Krsna desires to kill somebody, nobody can give him protection, no power. And if He wants to save somebody, nobody can kill him. This is Krsna's protection.

    Therefore this big, big commander-in-chief Dronacarya and Bhismadeva, Karna, they were very, very, big, powerful commanders. Arjuna was nothing before them. Arjuna was just like... Pariksit Maharaja compared that "My grandfather was just like an ordinary fish, and these soldiers, these commanders, (were) just like timingila." Timingila, there is a fish -- we get information from Vedic literature -- very big fish. They swallow up the whales. Timi. Timi means whale fish. And timingila means... Just like small fish are swallowed up like this. So just imagine how big such fish is. So these commanders, Karna, Dronacarya, and Bhisma, were compared with the timingila. And Arjuna although very powerful, he was compared with timi. So Pariksit Maharaja admitted "That it was not possible for my grandfather to win over the battle before these big, big commanders. It is only by the grace of Krsna he was saved." So the conclusion is if Krsna saves, nobody can kill; and if Krsna wants to kill, nobody can save. Therefore our conclusion should be that we should always be under the protection of Krsna. Avasya raksibe krsna. This is saranagati. Saranagati, surrender. Surrender means that "I am surrendering to Krsna with full faith that He is quite competent and able to give me protection." This is called surrender. Not that hesitation: "Oh, I will surrender to Krsna, and in case of danger, He may not be able to give me protection." That is not surrender. With full faith, "Yes, Krsna is so powerful, Krsna is so great, that I am surrendering to Krsna from this day: 'From this day... Krsna, I was wandering throughout the universe life after life without knowing my relationship with you. Now, today, I surrender unto you. Kindly accept me and engage me in your service.' " This is called surrender. Thank you very much. (end)
    • Thankyou prabhu ji for your reply I would rather look forward to be conscious of keeping care of small temple and I totally agree that rakhe krishna maare ke maare krishna rakhe ke..
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