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Hare Krishna to all,

I have a doubt that can a person remain a brahmachari at home without joining ISKCON as full time Brahmchari, if he wants to serve his parents also. I want to mention here that though Brahmacharya is essential but it is a means to KC (actual goal of life).

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  • Austerity is a key component of becoming a spiritual progressive . It says it in the Bhagavatom" that austerity is perductive, an nessacary for one to task of attracting the attention / approaching anyone "even the mostzhigh Gods" & so, it's understandable you intrest in it. But
    A complete consummation of your attentions & involvements is ' a prerequisite to actually assume that title. However, it not important to have a consummation of one's life / mind, time & activities, to perform Regulated activities accomplishes the same "intimet ends, be organized consistent & modest Chant & sit properly When being- engaging. & the same ends will be achieved. Austerities do not faild. Ha'ray Ha'ray
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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    What I know is - either one joins the temple full time and becomes a brahmachari, or if a person is interested in staying at home and taking care of parents, then better to marry. Being a brahmachari requires a certain amount of training and restraint, both of which is not possible at home. Brahmachari means no contact with women in thoughts, words or action. Material allurements are too strong prabhuji - how can you escape? Whether you see an ad for a house or a soap or anything in between, its always a scantily clad women in the picture alongwith the product. Apart from that, chances of a falldown are much more at home. Better to be a married man, a grihasta - with regulated life, rather than a grihamedhi who is so attached to family that he forgets even God. Grihasta is also called an ashram, because regulation is not at all easy prabhuji. 

    The purpose of marriage should be advancement in KC, then the couple will have common goal and will do well together. 


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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