Brahmacari training wanted

please can anyone give me any info where to get trained up.

I have being a devotee for a couple of years but had no formal training.

I live in New zealand and would like to trained for 3 months,

I am a hard worker and very humble and so much want to learn.

I am 32 and left school at 13 years so my teacher would need patience. 

please help

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  • Hare krsna my friend :-) thank-you for you message, I will send them a email, your friend and servant tribhanga sundara das

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu..............

      Dandvat pranam.......

      u can also contact Sri Sri RadhaGopinath Temple(ISKCON chowpatty).........

  • hare Krsna,

    I live in Pune and I am connected with Pune Temple.

    ISKCON Pune is indeed wonderful for Bhramachari training.

    For details visit

  • Volunteer

    You can try ISKCON Pune which does a very good Brahamachari training as far as I know.

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