Bodily Designations

I understand that one should not be ruled by our body thinking oneself American,english or Australian. Nor man, woman. But don't we need to think of ourselves as humans as opposed to animals in order that we conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner and do not behave like animals?

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  • In Canto 11 thirtheenth chapter..>> in Bhagwatam Lord comes in Hamsa ( Swan) body to teach the Sanat Kumaras and Lord Bramha about how to control senses and turn away from material things towards real purpose of life.

    The conversation is great.

    When Lord Bramha and Sanat kumaras' ask  the Hamsa( Swan)  WHO ARE YOU?  The Lord In the animal form says.. the  below verse.--

    SB 11.13.23 — If by asking Me “Who are You?” you were referring to the material body, then I must point out that all material bodies are constituted of five elements, namely earth, water, fire, air and ether. Thus, you should have asked, “Who are you five?” If you consider that all material bodies are ultimately one, being constituted essentially of the same elements, then your questionabove is still meaningless, since there would be no deep purpose in distinguishing one body from another. Thus, it appears that in asking My identity, you are merely speaking words, without any real meaning or purpose.

    All humans are also animals until they learn to use their intelligence and overcome their ignorance and delusion.

    When all matter in the whole universe is made up of 5 elements only.. Air, water, fire, earth and ether.. How do u say you are different to animals?

    body of animal and human is made of same composition. Externally all are same if u take body.

    Until u are in mode of passion and ignorance you are no different than an animal.

    You are different to animals only when u start using ur intelligence in the right direction. Otherwise all  are basically animals only. ( eating, sleeping, mating and defending ) these things even animals are doing we are also doing.

    An intelligent animal is Human.. who can control his senses. 

    Best among the humans is one who realized his relationship with Krishna. 

    All designations and tags which we wear are all bodily designations only.. By the end of our life atleast we must be able to quit all designations.. including I belong to certain Sampradaya ..and must be left with only one designation that is " I am Krishna's servant".

    To see Krishna in all beings is  the ideal state. Strive for that some day we may be able to do it atleast before the death of this material body.

    If u say u are soul.. then also u are part and parcel of Lord Sri Krishna.

    If you say u are body then also all bodies are made up same 5 elements. Then why do u see the differences between a human body and an animal body..? That is the main idea of the verse.. SB 11.13.23

    all are animals only until we realize Krishna.

    Hare Krishna.

    SB 11.13.23
    Śrīla Viśvanātha Cakravartī Ṭhākura explains this verse as follows. “In the previous verse Lord Kṛṣṇa demonstrated that if the sages accepted the imp…
    • Very good reply. Thank-you so much.
      Hare Krishna!!
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