birth of lord shiva

hare krishna,

jai prabhupad,

as yesterday was maha shivaratri. Lord Shiva is supreme devotee (vaishavanam paramam shambhu).  I want to know how Lord Shiva born.I think we hardly know this.

please reply

hare krishna

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    part 1  to part  11.

  • HARE KRISHNA! the following is the translation from the Srimad Bhagawatam third canto

    Chapter Twelve Creation of the Kumaras and Others

    TEXT 1 :  Sri Maitreya said: O learned Vidura, so far I have explained to you the glories of the form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His feature of kala. Now you can hear from me about the creation of Brahma,the reservoir of all Vedic knowledge.

    TEXT 2 : Brahma first created the nescient engagements like self-deception, thesense of death, anger after frustration, the sense of false ownership,and the illusory bodily conception, or forgetfulness of one's realidentity.

    TEXT 3 : Seeing such a misleading creation as a sinful task, Brahma did notfeel much pleasure in his activity, and therefore he purified himself bymeditation on the Personality of Godhead. Then he began another term ofcreation.

    TEXT 4 : In the beginning, Brahma created four great sages named Sanaka,Sananda, Sanatana and Sanat-kumara. All of them were unwilling to adoptmaterialistic activities because they were highly elevated due to theirsemen's flowing upwards.

    TEXT 5 : Brahma spoke to his sons after generating them. "My dear sons," hesaid, "now generate progeny." But due to their being attached toVasudeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, they aimed at liberation,and therefore they expressed their unwillingness.

    TEXT 6 : On the refusal of the sons to obey the order of their father, therewas much anger generated in the mind of Brahma, which he tried to controland not express.

    TEXT 7 : Although he tried to curb his anger, it came out from between hiseyebrows, and a child mixed blue and red was immediately generated.

    TEXT 8 : After his birth he began to cry: O destiny maker, teacher of theuniverse, kindly designate my name and place.

    TEXT 9 : The all-powerful Brahma, who was born from the lotus flower, pacifiedthe boy with gentle words, accepting his request, and said: Do not cry. Ishall certainly do as you desire.

    TEXT 10 : Thereafter Brahma said: O chief of the demigods, you shall be calledby the name Rudra by all people because you have so anxiously cried.

    TEXT 11 : My dear boy, I have already selected the following places for yourresidence: the heart, the senses, the air of life, the sky, the air, thefire, the water, the earth, the sun, the moon and austerity.

    TEXT 12 : Lord Brahma said: My dear boy Rudra, you have eleven other names:Manyu, Manu, Mahinasa, Mahan, Siva, Rtadhvaja, Ugrareta, Bhava, Kala,Vamadeva and Dhrtavrata.

    TEXT 13 : O Rudra, you also have eleven wives, called the Rudranis, and they areas follows: Dhi, Dhrti, Rasala, Uma, Niyut, Sarpi, Ila, Ambika, Iravati,Svadha and Diksa.

    TEXT 14 : My dear boy, you may now accept all the names and places designatedfor you and your different wives, and since you are now one of themasters of the living entities, you may increase the population on alarge scale.

    TEXT 15 : The most powerful Rudra, whose bodily color was blue mixed with red,created many offspring exactly resembling him in features, strength andfurious nature.

    TEXT 16 : The sons and grandsons generated by Rudra were unlimited in number,and when they assembled together they attempted to devour the entireuniverse. When Brahma, the father of the living entities, saw this, hebecame afraid of the situation.

    TEXT 17 : Brahma told Rudra: O best among the demigods, there is no need for youto generate living entities of this nature. They have begun to devastateeverything on all sides with the fiery flames from their eyes, and theyhave even attacked me.

    TEXT 18 : My dear son, you had better situate yourself in penance, which isauspicious for all living entities and which will bring all benedictionupon you. By penance only shall you be able to create the universe as itwas before.

    TEXT 19 : By penance only can one even approach the Personality of Godhead, whois within the heart of every living entity and at the same time beyondthe reach of all senses.

    TEXT 20 : Sri Maitreya said: Thus Rudra, having been ordered by Brahma,circumambulated his father, the master of the Vedas. Addressing him withwords of assent, he entered the forest to perform austere penances.


    Sri Sri RADHA GOPINATH ki Jai!

    Srila Prabhupada ki Jai!!

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      Srila Prabhupada ki Jai!!
    • thanks for ur reply
      jai prabhupad
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