Bhoga or Krishna Prasadam

Hare Krishna dear devotees!

I would like to know how you offer food to Krishna when at home? Do you make normal vegetarian food and put in front of Krishna's deity and chant maha mantra and take it as prasad? or is there any particular way of doing it?

Please forgive me if i sound foolish. but would really appreciate help in this matter.

Your servant

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Neetu Prabhu, Please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    In the beginning we can do like that, i mean to cook food, then put in front of Krishna with Tulasi leaves on in and chant 3 times Hare Krishna Maha Mantra and leave for 3-7 minutes then take.

    But now we have to do in a proper way as like the next:

    After putting food with Tulasi leaves we take bell and ringing to bell and paying obeisances we read 3 times Pranama Mantra to Srila Prabhupada:

    Namo om vishnu padaya krishna preshtaya bhutale

    shrimate bhaktivedanta swami iti namine

    namaste saraswati deve goura vani pracharine

    ashtatya desha tarine

    (You can find it without mistakes in every song book)

    then 3 times:

    namo maha vadanyaya krishna prema pradayate

    krishnaya krishna chaitania namne goura tvishe namah

    namo brahmanya devaya go brahmana hitayacha

    jagat hitaya govindaya namo namah.


    Then request Krishna to accept our food. And leave for 3-7-15 minutes. or better to close the altar with curtain.

    Then again ringing bell open the altar and paying obeisances read Pranama Mantra to Srila Prabhupada once, Pancha Tattva Mantra once, then 3 time Hare Krishna Maha Mantra then tanking Krishna take Prasad.

    Your servant, 

    • Hare krishna mataji! thank you for guiding me in this aspect. But, unfortunately, I dont have a tulasi plant at home. :(. My grandma bought once from my native.. but after planting in the pot, it was not growing. That sight disheartened my whole family. :(. From then on, I ma afraid to plant more tulasi plant and also dont know where do u get to buy it ? Please help me..

      • Volunteer

        there are some solutions in this case:

        ----to have at least Tulasi stick in our hand while offering food.

        ----to call Tualsi saying Tulasi Tualsi Tulasi after all above Pranamas.

        ----or put Tulasi to each item in our mind.

        But better to call Her loudly also by Her Name. And Her Name is not different from Herself.

        Your servant, 

        • thank you mataji! That was really nice explanation and it eased my worries. But could you please tell me where do you get to buy tulasi seeds so that I can try again to plant it.

          Your Servant

          • hare krsna mata ji

            where do u stay?

            • Hare Krishna Mataji! I stay at hyderabad!

              But unfortunately, I dont know devotees here personally. When I go to temple, I see them. but thats it. Not personal contacts. I would have to love to keep contacts with them.. but, i dont know how they would feel.

              • Volunteer

                no, no as like we are happy to help You, they will also be very happy to help You. Please, tell them.

                :) for a Devotee to serve is the only means of life then let them be happy by helping You!

                Your servant, 

                • Maybe you are right. What made me tell you about my fear is that I dont know how many people come to iskcon here, like me, once or twice in a month. As I am staying far away< i am able to go to see Krishna only once or twice in a month. And each time, I go, I see all new faces which makes me nervous in approaching them. By nature, I am always outgoing and got any extent to help others if they need me. But not all of them are like that, right, mataji? So i told you about my feelings.

                  Your Servant

            • Volunteer

              yes, if You live near by then some Devotees can send to You seeds.

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