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    We can offer milk, curd, dry fruits, fruits, some specific vegetables, non grains like moriya/saamak, kuttu/phaphar ka aata, sago/sabudana and eat them too. Cooking has to be done in sunflower oil, or ghee. It should not be cooked in soya bean oil or vegetable oil. If you are making masala at home, like grounding your own haldi/ turmeric, dhania/ coriander powder, red chilli powder, then you can keep them separately for ekadashi and use them, otherwise, dont use them. You can use long, elaichi, dalchini, tej patta, coriander and pudina leaves for cooking. Salt should ideally be sendha namak, kept separately, not with grains.


    See, its not the lord's fast on ekadashi, its our fast. We can even offer grains to the lord, but we cannot eat them ourselves on ekadashi. Therefore, if family members want to have grains, we can happily prepare grains, offer them and then give to family members to eat. Ideally, when we are making both grains and non grains in the same kitchen, we prepare one type first, then the next type. Non grains should not mix with grains. So it is simpler to make non grains first, keep them at one side and then prepare grains.



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    • Hare Krishna thank you mataji for such an elaborate answer.i am extremely grateful to you thk you once again.
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