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is amul milk is offered to laddo gopal ji ?

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Yes. Please offer and benefit the cows who produced that milk. Perfection of cow's life is to offer milk to Krishna.

but amul milk is pure cow milk.....i donot thik so but also it is mix with cow and buffalo iam confusedand ask this question.  

The only way to be sure is to have your own cow and do the milking yourself. Better to have offered milk than unoffered. 

I have heard from senior devotees that cow milk is the best . Buffalo milk is also okay but it is not first class. 

Hare Krishna.

Try your best to get the best one and leave Krishna the rest. And i am sure the best one you choose Krishna definitely like it and shall be good for health too.

Radhe Radhe Arnab ji

The best way is have 100% pure cow milk extracted non violently collected after properly feeding the caves.

Best is to get from some vaishnav goshala from vicinity.

If not present I think Pathmeda sells 100% pure cow milk extracted non violently  in dehydrated powder form. Please purchase that heat with water and serve it to Gopal ji

Your Servant

Satyananda Das


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