Bhen Ji , Mata Ji ... .. What next .. ?

Hare Krishna ,

These day's and in coming future " Feminism " will be driving force for the society .

Recently i came across many modern female's who were well settled , they have name & fame in society .

They hate word's like sister's mother's i.e Bhen ji and Mata Ji .

They say these word's show's your mentality that you don't consider

women to be on same platform of that of Man .

They often are totally against social uniform code for women ,

they hire the agenda that women can wear anything she like's .

A women should marry the boy of her choice ,be it from same village.

If they dislike these word's , so how to call them ?

Even the ladies of 40's & 50's dislike these word's .

I don't know where is society moving on .

Please comment & suggest also share your experience !

Hari Bol !

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          Hare Krishna,

          Bhaktin Maral Mata Ji ,

          I think Girl devotee's should form a Girl's Forum for themselves ,when they are out on road's and in between general public & i think even in temple, they should dance in group

          in decent manner .

          In closed room's or place where no person is watching them they can dance their own way .

          Yes thing's have changed people point more on Temple & Spirituality in this Kaliyuga .

          They don't mine breaking every rule & regulation in general life .

          Western people are still seen in India as , the object of glory for India and as object of sense enjoyment even for the most honored person , what to say of common person who live's on road and fill's his stomach with wine .

          Please forgive my offence if i spoke above limit's .

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            I may be interpreting you wrong prabhu, but I think that since the ladies are dancing for Krsna, it doesn't matter how they dance because ultimately it sounds like men (and I'm a guy) are sort of interfering between the loving relationship with Krsna. The same with forums. We are all part of Krsna and we are trying to achieve one goal - Krsna, so in this age, I don't think there should be much division unless men are attracted to women or vice versa and it is causing some disturbances in spiritual life. But then we have to break it down to whose fault it s, etc.
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