• hare krishna because when we do bhakti we follow certain rules and regulations(eg. getting up early in morning, chanting 16 rounds daily, eating only prasadam etc) to progress in devotional service ,which we feel nice to have,but non-devotees dont want to fallow the rules and regulations.thats why for them it is difficult. but at the end devotee is always happy even by following these rules and it like a street dog and a dog which have a owner street dog is free to do whatever he wants but he dont have any thing to eat roaming here and there,bitten by anybody or any dog..whereas the dog who have owner although he is not free all the time but he gets nice things to eat,nice place to sleep,remains allways protected by owner, same way devotees by accepting krishna as his owner are more happy and free than materialistic persons............this was to best of my knowledge if any mistake please forgive me...hare krishna
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