Harekrishna ! Can some one explain briefly  abaranatmika maya & prekhyatmika maya , its nature.


living a life of brahmacharya OR living grahasthya jeevan & practicing vairagya(detachment from material world, from sense objects ) which is shreya,when you hv options how to choose from either.

sorry ,if the questions are mundane.

but I am  a SEEKER

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    Hare Krsna Anita ji

    humble obeisances

    This is a wonderful question that you have asked.

    Regarding"abaranatmika maya & prekhyatmika maya" , these are two weapons of maya devi that c uses to delude people in this material world and especially those who are trying to follow celibacy. The first shakti " abaranatmika maya" covers the intelligence and the 2nd one , i dnt remember but will check and let u know. Also cupid pr shoots his 5 arrows.... There are details which I will mention later...

    Regarding Grihastha Ashram and Brahmacharya ashram, These are very sensitive topics and best is to hear some lectures on this. But for a woman, it is a must that they should marry. Men have the option of staying as a brahmachari or getting married but women should marry. That is what Srila Prabhupada said..


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      prekhyatmika maya kicks the soul into the material world and makes the soul suffer here...

      Regarding celibacy or Grihastha ashram, one has to see his own nature and check what is his psycho physical nature - of a grihastha or of a brahmacari. If someone practises Krsna consciousness for long enough , the person will come to know what is his nature( but this principle is applicable only for boys)..

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        indeed i do not agree with for 100% Rakesh Roshan Prabhu, concerning that matajis must get married. 

        If they are spiritually very elevated then they can stay as brahmacharinis for whole life also. But they should live life in the association of Devotees and in the Devotee communities. They usually get married because of two basic things:

        1. They have desire to have child.

        2. They are not strong enough to protect themselves from other men.

        But if women are spiritually strong and can control her senses then she will be able to accept Gopal as her child and whole life be a celibate and go back to Godhead as men do.

        But it is difficult for them in this age of Kali but it is possible. 

        I read many stories of such like Matajis. Especially in true Christian religion some great women used to do great austerities. Matajis as like Yefpraksinya and some of her close friends.

        And even these days i know matajis who do full time service at the Temple taking care of Giriraj Maharaj and fully happy.

        So in this way it is also possible.


        Regarding becoming a grihastha or brahmachari. One should be a brahmachari in the his boyhood up to the age of 25 then one can decide by the instruction of his Guru whether to enter into grihastha ashram or remain as naishtika brahmachari.

        If he wants to be a grihastha then he has to read Ramayana, after reading Bhagavatam of course, there Lord Rama showed how to become a real grihastha. By His example and Lila He showed how it is tuft to be a grihastha and because of that if one can not protect his wife one should remain as brahmachari.

        But in the beginning strict brahmachari training is very much necessary.

         Your servant,

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          Hare Krsna Maral mataji

          Most humble obeisances

          Regarding those matajis who are doing full time service in temple are they celibates or Vanaprasthas...??

          Regarding Grihastha ashram, as you have said, we should follow guru's instructions...


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