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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    The answer to your questions is many layered, like most things in spirituality.

    Yudhishtir and Arjuna were both qualified, but Krsna chose Arjuna because:

    1) It is the lords desire to choose whom He wants to impart what.

    2) Arjuna was a dearmost friend and a surrendered soul to the lord. Yudhisthir was elder in terms of material age and there was elder cousin, younger cousin relationship between them, not friendship.

    3) There is atleast one instance which proves that Yudhishtir was not as surrendered to Krsna as Arjuna was - at the time of the war, Krsna asks Yudhishtir to lie to Drona that Ashwathama is dead. He did not want to do so, then to suit his convenience, Krsna got an elephant by the name Ashwathama killed. Still Yudhishtir chose to say Ashwathama the elephant is dead. At the time the elephant part was being said, the lord yawned loudly to drown his voice. This shows that to Yudhishtir, his vow to never lie was higher than fulfilling the lord's direct instruction. Therefore he was not a surrendered soul. On the contrary, there is a story where Krsna tells Arjuna - its night now (at that time, there was full daylight). Arjuna readily agreed. Immediately, Krsna says, no its day now, Arjuna agreed to that also. Then Krsna asked him, why did you say yes to both. Arjuna replied that when You are saying its night or day, why do I need to check or use my brains, I have to simply follow You. That was the level of surrender that Arjuna had. Thats why he was chosen.

    This is as per my limited understanding prabhuji. I am sure other devotees can shed more light and insights into this matter.


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       Hare Krishna,

       Thank you mataji. The first two i had but the third one didn't thought about it.

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