• pls provide me pdf of bhagvad geeta in Gujarati by Prabhupads..

  • Hare Krishna

    I want Bhagavad Gita by HG Swami Prabhupāda in Gujarati in PDF format. If any one have please share it. 

    Hare Krishna

  • No Gujarati copy of E book, Bhagwad Gita ena mud swarupe available. Can someone please post that here is you have?

    • why dont you get permission from BBTI and scan the bg gujarati copy? Then put it online?

  • Please find attached Shri Shri  Bhagavad single pdf... 

    Hare Krishna....

    Bhagwad Gita in Hindi

    • Is there a PDF of Bhagwad Gita in Gujarati? I want to read it on Computer and there is no paid or free E book available in Gujarati, I want to read it for my mother. I have hardcover copy of English, Hindi and Gujarati Bhagwad Gita but I want the E book. Please help. 

    • Can I get bhagwad geeta in Gujarati Language?

    • Thanks Prabhu

  • Hare Krishna,

    Pl's download it from attachment.

    BG Hindi
    • This is Hindi, we need your help to get the Gujarati copy please

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