Hare Krishna,


    Prabhu Ji I was mislead by Anti Iskconic Site,

      They are using it to destroy our movement,


    I met many devotee who were mislead, after that they returned ,

    & felt heartly Sorry !!


    In this Kaliyug It will happen, We should not trust these,


    Many people in India & Outside hate ISKCON and Their Devotees,

   And this movement,there had been many incident in past trying to Stop us !

   Krishna is with us , he will lead us through !!


   To provocate they are using websites to conflict Devotees....


    They will be punished in hells very seriously..


    We should pray to Krishna that they get true Knowledge,& follow correct path....


    Devotees can only be understood by being with them,


   When their mercy happens, we might get true Knowledge..





   This Maya will try to Obstruct Us, but we have to overcome such...




   Heartliest Sorry To All Devotees !!


  I Am Posting This As A Slap On Those Who Hate Krishna & His Devotees !


   And also to warn other devotees to beware from these things !


   I will never give oppurtunity to flurish these Anti Iskconic People !!


   Krishna please help me and other Devotees to go through !!


   Jai Jai Shree Radhe Shyam  !!


   Jai Shree Krishna !!

   Jai Sirla Prabhupad !


    Hari Bol !

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  • Volunteer

    This person is clearly a Shiva-bhakta, and it's obviously seen by a) his site, and b) the amount of bias in there.

    Of course, this entire blog post is incorrect, uses sources that support his argument, offers no rebuttal, and worst of all - he thinks he is praising Lord Shiva by insulting Krsna, Lord Chaitanya, and Srila Prabhupada. He puts words in the mouths of devotees that were never stated before, and he makes up ridiculous "facts" ... but I often find these characteristics to those who are Shiva-bhaktas too (not all, just a few nasty apples). It seems the misunderstanding lies in how ISKCON "treats" Lord Shiva, which is ironic because Lord Shiva is held in the highest position, and quite opposite to all the demonizing statements that author gave. But what can we do... there are fools everywhere. Let's just pray for his sake that Lord Shiva forgives him and other fools who comment so negatively towards Krsna and His Devotees...  

    But there is one thing--

    I found his blog and was going through the comments (obviously posters who were Shiva-Bhaktas, no surprise there), but one comment by the author of the blog has really made my eyes a bit red:

    1. Radha is just a character introduced by the poet Jayadev in his poems. She is not present in any of the sacred scriptures...not even Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu Purana or Mahabharata. Radha is not a goddess among the 300 Million Gods of the Hindu Pantheon. Worshipping Radha is just like worshiping characters like Batman or Superman.

    But while I was looking up references to Srimati Radharani being mentioned in the Devi Bhagavatam (since I do remember reading her name in there when I had to read the Devi Bhagavatam for college), i came across this nice poem: from the Manah siksa

    ratim gauri-lile api tapati saundarya-kiranaih
    saci-laksmi-satyah paribhavati saubhagya-balanaih
    vasi-karais candravali-mukha-navina-vraja-satih
    ksipaty arad ya tam hari-dayita-radham bhaja manah

    O mind, please worship Lord Hari’s beloved Radha. with the splendor of Her beauty She makes Rati, Gauri, and Lila burn with envy, with the power of Her good fortune She defeats Saci, Laksmi, and Satyabhama, and with Her ability to control Krsna She completely eclipses Candravali and the other pious young girls of Vraja.

  • harekrishna prabhuji,


    i was so disturbed i am feeling better after reading this discussion. haribol

  • Hare Krsna to all great Vaishnavas here

    all glories to Srila Prabhupad ji..............

    When I search on Internet I find many sites saying different opinions about ISKCON.On one hand  I find some sites saying any ISKCON leader to be mafiya or bogus ,on the other site they are shown as true leaders. It seems be confusing to my mind. Somewhere I found that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned ,was surrounded by crocodiles etc...

    Internet is full of different sites and stuffs which bewilders the mind of any neophyte. I have found that ISKCON is the only true path . But such things try to defame it.well they will definitely not succeed.

    The world is full of Mayawadis,they have occupied the whole sphere of Spiritualism.And hence those who are innocents gets trapped in their grasp.May Krishna save all.....

  • Hare krishna pr.. a big thanx to you for posting this discussion...

    i pay you my humble obiesance for you did a great job.. by realising that what is the true thing...

    thats true that when you opt for a good thing there are many obstructions that blow away your mind..

    its you who has to make the right choice  and more than that its all krishna's mercy that how he helps you out...

  • Its preferable to limit our internet usage as much as is required and not for "time-pass" which will eventually led us to disaster-passed time. Be safe than sorry.

    There are sooo many false people in modern times who for their own sake doesn't even leave devotees (Neverthless, Lord is so kind he takes charge of the sincere one). There are many Apasampradays (Non disciplic succession) and cheaters in the form of a sadhu (Demon in the disguise of a devotee) prevelant in today's society of misguided and unfortunate. Its good to judge everything through Guru, Sadhu and Sastra (our very basis of Spritual life).


    Hari Bol!

  • Even I got trapped in such "truths" which made me completely frustrated because afterall it was maya's kick. Whether it be about Ritviks, Poison, Gaudiyas, Sahajiyas, Guru, Molestations etc. they are simply useless theories whose propagators have got nothing good to do.

    Thank God, I was saved. I am eternally grateful to the devotees who helped me during my hard times and help me overcome such doubtful issues hitting my coniditioned mind.

    I humbly encourage everyone to read a very popular transcript lecture of Indrayamuna Swami Maharaj, titled "Attack on ISKCON". [Message me for a 'pdf' file, if you dont have one]


    Hare Krishna


    AGTSP and his Divine ISKCON

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

      All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.


      Humbly request you give the pdf file. Really Internet is like a bathroom any one can write any thing. 

      Personally I strongly believe in Srila Prabhupada's words. To this there is no doubt. His grace has given me this divine knowledge how can one doubt him.


      • @ Ganesh pr. PAMHO. Prabhuji, Kindly provde me with your email-ID. I shall send you there. Thankyou


        Your servant


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