hare krishna dear devotees!

hope you are all doing good by Krishna's grace. I am feeling so bad and remorse when i heard about what happened to a 5 year old girl in delhi. How can people become so barbaric(pls forgive me for using such a bad word. but there is no other word to describe such heinous act)?

why do men forget that they came to this world through a woman? why do men forget that they learnt about this world through a woman(their mother)? how can a man ever think of doing such a heinous act to a small girl? when a man does that, he is in turn robbing the child's innocence and childhood. And to think of that it is happening in India where cultuers and Krishna is given importance.

Why didnt Krishna come to her rescue? :(. after all, she is just a small girl child. why are women not viewed as a human being who has got feelings? 

Please share your views. we will try our best to bring a difference in the society by our chanting. Nobody should feel shy of chanting when outside or when not in one's usual place for chanting. No matter where we are, we will chant. Please dont let non-devotees stop you from chanting.

Your servant

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    • Thank you prabhujis for your kind reply. I agree to your point. But what is the same hells falls on our loved ones and near ones. I have got 2 daughters and looking at the society, i fear for their safety. I keep advising my elder daughter to chant and pray to Krishna. She is doing it. My 2nd daughter is small.

      Thats the reason i posted this post to know what shall be done to protect my kids from this hell?

      your servant

      • Volunteer
        Just serve Krsna very nicely. He is within every living being so he already knows your fears and joy, but just talk to him. Ask him kindly to look after your daughters, and he will, gladly. There are so many examples of Krishnas mercy - Indra, Prahlad, Bali.

        It's nice your older daughter is chanting too, and start to get you other daughter to say Krishnas name as a start. I would also recommend the Hanuman Chalisa and the Nrsinga Dev prayers. Reciting daily will help them out.

        I've had many life saving moments in my life, from when I was a small, helpless baby to m current, teenage self. Initially, I ws a baby so I assume I got saved due to my parent Bhakti, and as I grew up I did Japa and recited/sang the above prayers and I'm still alive (though honestly I should either be dead or n a seriously handicap position)... Just trust Krsna, you can humbly request him, but NEVER demand anything

        However, you must understand that everything is tied to karma too, and there is no escape. Yes, if you serve Krsna, you may get a slightly lessened effect, such as scratch on leg vs. getting leg chopped off, but one still has to reap karma
        • Thanks a lot radhe prabhuji!

          I am doing my best in bringing my children into krishna consciousness. My older daughter doesnt chant. She just prays. She is small. She will start her scholl maybe this year or next. She keeps telling krishna Krishna!

          Your servant

  • Volunteer

    Mata ji ,this kind of act is happening every minute in India ,

    since it is Delhi it is being hyped . Media can do a lot ,but it is

    doll of government . This is Kaliyuga this will increase .

    After 16 December Damini incident there were 157 rapes till today and most of them were ignored

    i am not watching TV , because it's frustrating all people be it media , police, govt. they are all same .

    They all are hand in hand .

    Don't waste your time , chant and go back to godhead , leave this hell .

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