Can anyone please comment on how to create a perfect balance between work life and spiritual life. After spending 12-13 hrs in office, one might be too tired to chant or devote any specific service to Lord,but we cant quit work as well.Morever while at work we often get distracted or influence by wrong people should we correct them, sometimes they can be captivating and we often have to put on an altar to deal with them. Is that justified ??i would appreciate comments from everyone.Hari Bol :)


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    • Haribol Prabhuji :)

      can you kindly elaborate "nescience" ??
      im still novice in KC, chanting the mahamantra, but not sure if im doing it with right attitude, and get distracted often...
      how can we attain/experience the bliss in Chanting? what shud be our right attitude?
      • hari bol prabhuji, dandvat pranaam .yet i m not so qualified but than also i can give you a suggestion if ur mind is going here and there while chanting than you must chant will surely help you........... and please bestow ur mercy upon me so that i can too make some advancement in my life
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu!
    Please accept my humble obeisances!
    As deep as my understanding goes, the work that we are engaged in, is the right place for the current moment. Actually Lord is so merciful to put us in such a position as suitable for us.. according to our propensities and desires.. actually lord Krishna is giving us opportunity to realise the actual position of the material world. We should only try to learn from seeing the mistakes which others have done. As far as correcting anybody is concerned, one should approach anybody very cautiously..(Its Kali Yuga - Age of Quarrel & Hypocracy).. We should try to correct only such persons who is willing to be corrected otherwise the whole affair can affect our own spiritual life.. Better Safe than Sorry. Judge everything from a practical standpoint... not from any emotional or sentimental essence. Be practical as far as you are dealing with a non-devotee (It is also not appropriate to say or think anybody non-devotee; everbody is a devotee). Emotions and sentiments are only kept for Devotees of the Lord.
    Regarding your first point, Keep the Balance with Svadharma (Duty for earning bread) and ParoDharma (Duty for liberating the soul)..
    Vaishnava is Saar-Grahi... Not Bhaar-Vahi.. So as you are thinking on it Krishna will provide ou with spiritual intelligence to understand the real thing and to get out from confusion...
    My English is not good , hope U will collect the Essence............Awaiting your reply....... Hari Bol!
  • Hare Krishna prabhuji,
    I feel u should distribute books such as perfect q´s perfetc answers, journey to other planets etc, these topics attracts any kind of human beings. As Mallika mataji told u that u should listen & chant more like on ur way to work u can listen to bhajans etc. U can keep a pic of kirishna at ur work table or read a book in ur intervals. As people watching u doing things, the fortunate and inquisitive beings will get attracted to u directly. Our knowledge should be perfect in order to preach others. So continue doing this and gradually Krishna will help you in ur goal and soon u will see u have more Krishna conscious people around u. Thank you. Hare Krishna.
    • Thank you matajis & prabhujis..
      haribol !

      jai shree krishna:)
      • We need to make krishna consiousness ceaseless 24 x7 ( yes including sleep )
        How do we do that?
        Simple. Its a difficult task but can be achieved systematically in a measurable way.
        First start remembering krishna every 1 hr for 1 sec only that He is with you and watching you , smiling at you. Then do it for every 30 mins .. then every 15 mins .
        You must also measure the timing of the day when you forget Krishna presence and take extra precaution to remmber him ( for eg peak office hours )

        I keep a watch ( casio 60 lap memory ) and every 30 mins , press a button on it .
        At the end of the day, i see the exact timings and how many times i remembered krishna and make a graph.

        I generate a graph of every 30 mins with pink as failed and green as success .
        This visual graph shows my mind purity for each day, each week, each month based on how much green it is.

        My goal is to make it fully green and that will make me enter into Bhao Bhakti.
        Try it and you will know what i meant to practise the presence of Krishna.

        Also read practise the presence of God ( it speaks of love for God as primary means of attainment of God and how to develop it practically )

  • Hare Krsna Prabhujis and Matajis,
    I was also working as a General Manager in a Cement company for 3 months only.I used to daily send one BG or SB sloka with translation to all the officers and staff by closed mail.When it becomes late phone call will come,where is todays thought?Within 2 months I made 15 Engineers to chant Maha Mantra with Beeds.Still I am maitaining some connection and cultivating some of them.But it depends on time place circumstances.If it is difficult to utilise internet in the office,you can preach in the Lunch hours interval time and thus you can keep your KC.I used to preach in the train and distribute BG and SP Books.I used to read Bg and SB in the office whenever I find leisure time.So accrding to the situation we have to make the situation favourable to KC.This is the Preachers job.ultimately if you find it difficult you can go for a lighter job or you can once for all leave material life if you can sustain with oyther sources of income if any.Everything depends ultimately on ones family position.Hare Krsna!
    your humble servant,
    Jaya Govinda Ram Dasa
    Phone:094437 42229
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    • Wowww... "Within 2 months 15 devotees" - It's very inspiring. Hare Krishna !!

    • Hare Krishna!
      Please accept my humble obeisances. I like the way U are doing service for Krishna & Srila Prabhupada. Your views are very mature and it shows Your sincerity. U have nicely added the words Time, Place & Circumstance. Actuall a devotee has to always act according to T, P and C..
      Thank U for such a frank and open minded discussion..
      Always in service of Srila Prabhupada.. Haro Bol!
  • Pujan Prabhu,
    you need to Krishnize everything and see Krishna in all things. Where you work, what have you done to promote your 24/7 awareness of Lord? Pictures everywhere, prayers posted for eyes to gaze at and embrace on heart level? All day long, what is your conversation? ...chit chat or real questions needing real answers among people seeking the answers to the very questions you can be bringing up! In other words Krishanize everything at work..Krishna is there. On the drive in are you hearing Bhagavatam and Gita or white noise and honk honk? Utilize that time for hearing....develop intelligence by daily sastra to "see" with our ears what is going on in this material world. Then bring these topics up among your co-workers.
    In a joke a co-worker says, see how Krishna has humor so this spirit soul has humor in his personality, and bring Krishna into conversation...don't keep Him out being bold about being obsessed with seeing Krishna everywhere (because He is so might as well see it now, develop spiritual vision and evolve as Srila Prabhupada (A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami) has said. "I have come to teach what you have forgot", attato brahma jijnasa.
    You be with Krishna always and He will show Himself everywhere AND be personally involved with your life... maybe you will end up in different occupation if you not getting enough opportunity to be with Krishna, all day long. Get Sri Prema Bhakti Chandrika by sweet Narottama das.
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