Can anyone please comment on how to create a perfect balance between work life and spiritual life. After spending 12-13 hrs in office, one might be too tired to chant or devote any specific service to Lord,but we cant quit work as well.Morever while at work we often get distracted or influence by wrong people should we correct them, sometimes they can be captivating and we often have to put on an altar to deal with them. Is that justified ??i would appreciate comments from everyone.Hari Bol :)


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    • Excellent thought Mtg !!

      This statement of Prabhupada "I have come to teach what you have forgot", athato brahma jijnasa - very nice.

    • HAri Bol Mataji, please accept my humble obeisences .All glories to Srila prabhupada .All glories to sri guru and gauranga.

      I completely agree with you on this as you said we have to krisnize everything in our work place.I had also suggested to pujan prabhuji to keep his morning sadhana strict that is his mangala aarti morning prog and reading strong that also will help.. .But your suggestion is really wonderful...Wonderful becoz i am following on the same lines in my office and right from the office boy to my boss everyone greets me in the morning first by saying hare krishna ? the secret is that i give them prasad everyday and tell them one story a day of krsna so everyone is facinated with stories no one wants philosophy today so stories and then the moral of the story....that makes a lot of effect. thank you once again
      • Hare Krishna,
        The thing u told that u tell stories of Krishna one time in a day with moral is really striking me.Can you tell me where would i get this imp material along with moral.I personally find Krishna book sometimes more interesting as i have just started with please let me know of these spiritual knowledge availability as people are not interested to philosophy.Waitng for ur reply
      • Haribol mataji :)

        you are so right! these days no one wants to hear good sayings or philosophical facts of the matter, we have to support our statements with evidences, and survey reports.

        when i do see my own collegues going into wrong paths,taking refuge into drugs and alcohism and all wrong doings..i wish i invite them to any ISKCON spiritual discourse.. because they are actually confused and disoriented,cannot control themselves against momentary happiness from Maya.

        Hare Krishna mahamantra is so strong a force against maya and help everyone to discipline and structure themselves in a good, noble person!
        Haribol :) jai shree krishna.
    • hare krishna Mallika ji :) thank you so much!

      well, since im not yet been initiated (dikshit) by any spiritual guru, and because im still in the realisation of the krishna consciousness. I'm currently only chanting 2 rounds of mahamantra daily, read Bhagwat Gita,prabhupat books,listen lectures and bhajans.
      Yes, we have to find krishna in every nature's creation. But, you know, discussing krishna conscciousness with wrong people might bring wrong notions in people and they might also mock the subject.
      hence we also need to careful , who to discuss krishna consciousness with.
      But we must give equal time to our spiritual progression as well as our daily karma. :)
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