BACE for Women Devotee , Separate from Man BACES

Hare Krishna To All ,

All glories to Sirla Prabhupada ,

I wanted to know how can girl devotee associate with ISKCON BACE and Other cultural activity !!

There is a urgent need for Krishna councious Environment for Women ,

Women must be given separate classes by our Mataji's

Actually BACE's are for Boy devotee , not for girl , my college sister want to associate with female devotee , but there is no such facility in my knowlege about any BACE where all devotee are Girl and there is no Boy !!

She lives in Faridabad , you can tell BACES for women devotee near Faridabad or Delhi !!

Also tell how can women rise in KCON in world of Mens !!

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  • Volunteer

    Prabhuji, I do not know of any BACE for matajis. This is very risky and difficult to operate because having matajis under one roof is difficult and can be misunderstood easily. However, there are IGF (ISKCON Girls Form or Vishnavies Forum) in all the ISKCON temples. Please contact the near by ISKCON temple for more details.

    Hari bol!!!

  • mata ji, hare krsna


    In delhi the temples have igf classes for girls. in punjabi bagh there are igf classes conducted for girls.

    where does ur sister stay? i stay in dwarka, new delhi. i il try to help.



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