NOW A DAYS A ISSUE IS GOING ON ABT BABA RAMDEV , MOST OF THE PEOPLE SAYS BABA ramdev  is  doing  right thing for the nation so we should support him , but is it right to support him beoz he  is not a vaishanava or bahkta , does't know anything abt krsna consciousness ????????????/

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  • hare krishna to all prabhus,this curroption and rallies are the effects of kaliyug.we have to understand this.we should devote our precious time and energy in devotional service.95% of the non vaishnavas in india r for the purpose of supporting rallies only.before knowing his spirtual master srila prabhupada also wanted to join ralllies for independence.but in light of his spirtual master he came to know about the truth(one can read this in the book srila prabhupada the messenger of godhead).this things were there before we were born and they will continue to take place after we r can see in television that not a single iskcon devottee has come forward for this support, becos all r aware of the fact!!

    • Hare Krishna

      Agreed, Sankirtan Yajna was prescribed for this period of Kali.  So if everyone just adhered to this congregational chanting of the Maha Mantra, there will definitely be improvement.  Otherwise these other methods only bring about temporary relief, if that...  if one has an abscess then trying to treat it from the top rather than removing it from the root, doesn't make sense.  Likewise bottomline is to focus on Bhagawan and chant His Holy name, it's the only way of relief.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with doing good things for humanity but this puts us on the platform of goodness, we need to be on the platform of akarma, link all our actions to Krishna.  Congregational chanting will benefit all spiritualy, it is not temporary and therefore the solution for in this age of Kali.  ys



  • we cannot expect everyone to be devotees, but if they are doing good work for humanity at large it is our duty to support. and by the way he is a yogi and without any self interst and also is bringing glories to the saints. if kingdom are under wrong hand it is duty of saints to take charge be he a yogi, a devotee, or jnani.

    hare krishna


    thanks all of u for ur reply , i have started this issue abt baba ramdev and i got really very nice answers so thanks once again ,

    now i wanna share one thing with u people if u want the answer and want to know what srila prabhupada told abt this type of babajies or what is doing is good or bad  so plz read BG 17.5-6 SLAOKA .you will get ur answer .

    purport bg as is it 17.5-6

    There are persons who manufacture modes of austerity and penances which are not mentioned in the scriptural injunctions. For instance, fasting for some ulterior purpose, such as to promote a purely political end, is not mentioned in the scriptural directions. The scriptures recommend fasting for spiritual advancement, not for some political end or social purpose. Persons who take to such austerities are, according to Bhagavad-gita, certainly demoniac. Their acts are against the scriptural injunctions and are not beneficial for the people in general. Actually, they act out of pride, false ego, lust and attachment for material enjoyment. By such activities, not only are the combination of material elements of which the body is constructed disturbed, but also the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself living within the body. Such unauthorized fasting or austerities for some political end are certainly very disturbing to others. They are not mentioned in the Vedic literature. A demoniac person may think that he can force his enemy or other parties to comply with his desire by this method, but sometimes one dies by such fasting. These acts are not approved by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and He says that those who engage in them are demons. Such demonstrations are insults to the Supreme Personality of Godhead because they are enacted in disobedience to the Vedic scriptural injunctions. The word acetasah is significant in this connection--persons of normal mental condition must obey the scriptural injunctions. Those who are not in such a position neglect and disobey the scriptures and manufacture their own way of austerities and penances. One should always remember the ultimate end of the demoniac people, as described in the previous chapter. The Lord forces them to take birth in the womb of demoniac persons. Consequently they will live by demoniac principles life after life without knowing their relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. If, however, such persons are fortunate enough to be guided by a spiritual master who can direct them to the path of Vedic wisdom, they can get out of this entanglement and ultimately achieve the supreme goal.


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  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    My final 2 cents.. While obviously there are many causes which are better in regards to vaishnivism.. Everybody pays tax and that money goes to various sinkholes.  If even some of that money could go towards a better cause such as donations to proper causes such as ISKCON Food for life or Temple construction causes etc.  then I feel its a fight worth fighting.


    Baba Ramdev, I believe is precariously putting himself at risk by using the human form of life risking death for a cause which possibly would not lead him to Krishna.  If he fought  without the risk  on his life for the greater good, then obviously it would be a fight well worth fighting.


    It is the vaishnavas duty to open the world's eyes to show them the folly and possibly direct humanity to vaishnavism.  I would like to see vaishnavas show their point of view in this.  Many were saved  with Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's sankirtan movement, so I believe its time to take the sankirtan where the action is and offer a vaishnav point of view.


  • Hare Krishna,


    Cldnt resist giving my 2 cents on this topic

    I dnt want to sound callous but If I had to support a cause I wld rather support one of the various causes directly related to Krishna Consciousness( especially many propogated by ISKCON) By support I mean some tangible show of support like direct or indirect participation, monetary, voluntary service etc.There are enough causes lead by various ISKCON leaders like Food for life, Cow protection, Hospice services,Yamuna Bhachao andolan ( many of our devotees are spearheading this noble cause and have done dharna's for days together in Delhi).I know what is the ultimate objective of all these causes-whereas I have no clue abt Baba Ramdev's objectives ( dnt want to spend time understanding them either) If Guru Maharaj asks us to support Baba Ramdev-its a different thng.Simple rule again -follow our leaders :)


    No intention to offend anyone-







  • Srimad Bhagawatam 10.84.13

    yasyatma buddhih kunape tri-dhatuke

    sva-dhih kalatradishu bhauma ijya-dhih

    yat-tirtha-buddhih salile na karhicij

    janesv abhijnesu sa eva go-kharah



    One who identifies his self as the inert body composed of mucus, bile and air, who assumes his wife and family are permanently his own, who thinks an earthen image or the land of his birth is worshippable, or who sees a place of pilgrimage as merely the water there, but who never identifies himself with, feels kinship with, worships or even visits those who are wise in spiritual truth — such a person is no better than a cow or an ass.

  • hare krishna

    all glories to srila prabhupada

    a true vaisnava only aims at the well being of the universe........he prays to the lord to deliver the conditioned souls and is also ready to go to hell for the deliverance of fallen souls.........on my opinion it is wrong to support baba ramdev......not bcoz he is not a vaisnava.....bcoz he is not doing for the right purpose......a true vaisnava only looks to serve krsna in every respect......had baba ramdev fasted for the purpose of delivering the fallen souls.....then it would hv been a different story.....

    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      Not only for Baba Ramdev but for all souls..Keep Hari Naam Sankirtan, use this opportunity to go and feed them the glory of Krishna.  Take the opportunity to propagate the holy name. Don't criticize others,  go and be an example to them.  Criticizing others create Quarrel which is the aim of Kali in the Kali Yuga.


      • we should never identify ourselves with body or a particular place.ramdev is identifying himself with this country if he wants real peace he should request everyone to serve krsna . he can never be succesful because manav seva is not madhav seva.
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