avoiding sleep


as devotees are recommended not to take tea or coffee, I wish to know how to keep oneself awake when feel drowsy during day time especially during the exam days? is there any effective anti-dote for sleep.

tank you


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  • Don't sit.
    sitting is the pre-step for sleeping.
  • hare krishna to all....

    i would like to know if tea has something good and energetic to give and increases concentration, then whats harm in it.....

    chemical which are founded in tea are natural so hw they can be contaminated for consumption.  Though it is true that excess of it increases stomach problem but excess of everthing even food can cause harm to human body...

    sorry i m not arguing but would like to know the real fact......

    sorry if i offend someone, forgive me........

    hare krishna

    hari bol

  • hare krishna to all

    pls forgive for any offence if i hurt someone.....

    i would like to ask that whats wrong in taking tea and  coffee.

    • Hare Krsna!


      Traté de acostarse temprano en la noche preferiblemente dormir (6) horas y

      cantar las rondas a esta hora de Brahma- Muhurta, una vez este regulado

      toda cansancio desaparecerá y entonces el deseo de servir al Guru, Krsna

      y los devotos brotará de su corazón y se sentirá feliz y despierto. Hari- Bolo! 

      • sorry Prabhu jii... I could not understand this.... please translate it in english or hindi..

        Hare KRISHNA

    • tea or coffee contains caffeine  and we =et addicted  thats the reason

           hari bol

  • hari bol hari bol

    tea or me this was the reply by prabhupadha when his wife exchan-ed devotional books for exchan-e of khari biscuit

    and his wife replied tea prabhupad left home

    herbal tea is a substitute  hare krsna

  • once a devotee was distributin- book he aproached  a person  and told if you read this books you no need to take sllepin  pills if you want  you can come to bha-vatham class and see yourself hare krsna

    when you attentively hear  spiritual sound vibration you wont feel sleepy hare krsna

  • by practice one can develop -ood qualities be re-ulated in eatin- sleep 6 to 8 hrs sleep not too much nor too less

    ehear the holy n ame attentively eat food in mode of -oodness sprinkle water  twice in day take  bath keep yoursef ener-etic

    active avoid medicine as far possible drink lot of water  fres air  control of senses try to follow this much

    =uranteed sleep  you will come to platform of -udakesha  ultimately  finally one has to come to that platform  no eatin - no sleepin-  no defend no sense enjoyment thatts the hi-hest sta-e the -osvamis were on that platform   hare krsna

    i hope this will help you a lot 

    • thank you Prabhu ji.. for your kind reply but there are days especially during continuous exams, when we can not afford sleep for more than 3-4 Hours. formerly, I used to take tea, coffee and keep myself awake. but now during normal times I am avoiding them and taking sleep of 6-7 hours. but can we take tea for such exceptional times when it is really unavoidable, and ensure not to make it a habit. I apologise for being persistently  repetitive.

      Hare KRISHNA

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