HARE KRSNA to all vaishnavas..pranaam and dandavats..

I have a great confusion whether to believe in astrology,numerology or vaastu shastra along with KC?and due to my busy schedule of family, kid and personal problems(may be an excuse)sorry to able to chant one round only with concentration..hari bol..please have ur opinion about this..

Ur servant,


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  • when u r in kc then nothing as such is krsna Himself is d controller of all grahas(planets) so when we Krsna He protects us frm all the good and bad results of all the planets and all the effects of the grahas are nullified when we offer transcendental loving service to the Supreme Lord. as bhaktivinod thakur says in his saranagati songs "tava iccha mate yato grahagan abirata subhasubha fal kare dan"(all the planets r capable of offering good and bad results to us only under the wish of the lord).soif we worship the supreme lord krsna we need nt worship or care abt the results of the planets ,no. or vastu sastra becoz the demigods of the planets r themselves worshipers of the lord and they r happy when they see that we r worshipping their master is stated in the Srimad Bhagavatam - one who is in krsna consciousness doesnt have any other obligations or duties towards any other demigod , human society , sages  and forefathers .when we worship Krsna all these are automatically done.

    no need to care abt vastu sastra becoz when the house turns into the temple of Krsna and the family members into the devotees of Krsna there can amangal(bad effects) on the house.

    if its really a problem for u to chant more than one round then continue doing the one round only but do it with devotion and concentration and gradually when u grw the taste for it by the mercy of hari naam and the lord then u will b urself able to increase ur rounds overcuming all obatacles.sumtimes maya may produce difficulties bt we hav to overcum it with our strong determination to serve the lord and this is the test of the lord if we r able to pass this taste then the lord helps us.

    bt u should one thing in ur mind that u have to ,by any means,increase ur rounds becoz the more u chant the more u grow the taste for it and the closer u go to Krsna.and when the lord sees that u r sincerely trying to serve him He will Himself help u.lord and harinaam is non-different.

    all my best wishes r with u 

    when ever u have any problem plz pray to the lord and vaisnavas,they will show u the right path.

    hare krsna


    indu vadani radha dd

    • my humble obeisances dear matajis..thanks for ur kind answers..very informative..hari bol

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    also it says mare krishna hare ke hare krishna mare ke

    or something like that.

    If Krishna wants to kill us no one can protect us. If Krishna wants to protect us no one can kill us.

    If by our karma we have to suffer but if we surrender to Krishna He will change our karma from the root and protect us. He does not care with other concerns rather than the good fortune of His sincere Devotees.

    He is a Person and He can change everything. And He has heart to understand our problems.

    Your servant,

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    mostly these days to find a true astrologer is very difficult.

    It says that in order to be a good astrologer one should practice it for 4 life times. 

    And only true astrologer can say truth and give advise.

    And better if that astrologer is a Devotee of Krishna.

    Because it may show in the horoscope that life from the material point of view very pitiful but in spiritual point of view very good. And seeing only material side materialistic astrologer will say that your life is blank :O and make you fully pessimistic and even make you to loose your desire to do your bhakti. We have to be very careful.

    In the other hand in the horoscope it might show that a person will live in a palaces ...and in spiritual point of view it might be predicted as one will live at the nice Temples as brahmachari or something like that.

    Because of that only pure, honest Astrologer a Devotee of Lord Gouranga will be able to predict something. Not only the knowledge of books.

    Few days back one girl started to talk with me when i was waiting to my train in waiting room and talks went on she asked about Krishna Consciousness etc. She became inspired ....but then later she told me to sign my signature on the paper and to show to her. I did. And she looked for some time and told that my life is BLANK.

    ha ha :D in this way most people do some mental concoctions and make from it truth. So we have to be careful. 

    Your servant,

    • any way devotees life is truly blank . as BG says (to free the soul) Krishna removes all good karma and bad karma of him/her who surrender onto him. :)

  • Hari Bol Prabhu jee!

    Please guide once more - is the short answer: no? What has Prabhupada said?

    Your servant,


    • Prabhupada had Instructed BI devotees to scientifically reestablish Indian Science. (BI devtees do research on astrology and palm reading and document their observation to establish it in front of modern science).

      don't know enough about bastusastra and numerology BI devotees can clear it better.

      Another topic another mataji had started she might know something

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