Astrological remedies and quagmire

Hare krishna!I was wondering ,what to do when astrologer tell u remedy as per your horoscope......which are more karmkandi things.....n not leading one to bhakti.So if u avoid them....u have a doubt or a dillema of mishappening due to doshas in Kundli.....which say worshipping demi in such a situation ,what might be a Krishna conscious way to deal with the situation.e.g my friend is having Kaal sarp yog....and he has been suggested many upayas...which confuse....more....than bring one out of unhappiness.....what can be done simply.....after he has seen the bad effects of this kaal sarp dosh....n which is basically bad karma accumulated over a senior devotee may please clear the cloud ....and show the way.

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    Hare KRsna PRabhuji,


    It depends on the level of surrender of the person concerned. If he has full faith on God, then He will reciprocate to the same extent. Krsna is all powerful, He can top kaal sarp dosh and markesh both - thats not a problem. If he has a doubt that by not performing these solutions and praying to demigods, he will face more problems, that he has to judge. Assuming he does the solutions suggested, does that garauntee that all his problems will be solved for life? That there will no further problems in his life? Is that possible for any of us? One long drawn out way to surrender is to actually do all that is suggested and then maybe get some temporary relief. Then when the next problem comes and the next and the next, he will finally realise that we have come to the world to suffer, no point looking for temporary solutions. Better to look for permanent solution and get out of here and go back home, back to godhead.

    What will happen if the solutions are not done - there will be more suffering to the person na? If there is more suffering to the person, the more he will pray for resolution. He will realise that the world is dukhalyam ashaswatam, we have come here to suffer, so how can we enjoy.

    Both ways the ultimate destination is the same.

    Tell your friend to have faith, to do the things suggested by Sushant prabhu. very good suggestions.

    Chant more and depend on Krsna more, being in a humble and helpless position.


    Your servant,


    • Thank you...Mataji....for this great suggestion.....u just penned down my thoughts and cleared the fog of doubt and dilemma...........Hari bol!

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    Hare Krishna,

    Please accept my humble obeisances.

    I had asked the same question to one of Vrindavan devotees and he told me following

    1. Perform Nirjala Ekadashi and chant many rounds (more than 16) on Ekadashi day

    2. recite Narasimha Kavach (30 verses) daily 

    3. feed Go Mata daily something she wants to eat

    Hare Krishna, Hari bol

    your servant

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