Association with non devotees

Hare KrishnaMy humble obeisances to all devoteesWhat is actually called association with non devotees?What about day to day small talk with the neighbours?Is that also association and how can we totally avoid association with non devotee neighbours?

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  • Hare Krishna - HG Srila Prabhupada Interacted with Hippies and brought them to KC , Similarly if u want to interact with Non devotess then the topic should be Krishna Katha . Finally Remember all are part and parcel of Krishna

  • Being a Krishna conscious devotee even I have non devotee neighbours belonging to other religions and of different God consciousness. Since you have realized the greatness of Krishna consciousness which is universal and is above all isms, you can associate with your non devotee neighbours considering them to be spirit Souls and parts and parcels of Krishna and try not to preach Krishna consciousness while associating with your neighbours and see a devotee and non devotee with equal vision while having firm faith in Krishna consciousness and try to serve and associate with devotees whenever you can.
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