Association with non devotees

Hare KrishnaMy humble obeisances to all devoteesWhat is actually called association with non devotees?What about day to day small talk with the neighbours?Is that also association and how can we totally avoid association with non devotee neighbours?

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    FIrstly, we devotees are not to live in silos, alienated from the world. We are very much part of society - it is our endeavour to show/ prove to society that its possible to live a sattvic/ life steeped in KC, even in today's mad mad world. SO by all means, one should be a part of society in whichever way one can.

    Regarding neighbours, or relatives, one has to be careful in association. One should endeavour to give association, rather than take association, to the extent possible, esp in matters related to religion, way of life, life's wisdoms. 

    Small talk, which is directed at exchange of information (lift not working, AMC for particular gadget getting over) is necessary, and should be done. Other small talk which comes within gossip should be avoided to the extent possible.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • we sansarik people must maintain good relations with all especially with our neighbours and relatives even if they are never know when a calamity may strike you and you are in need of help. for e.x. few days ago a person in our society met with an accident and he was in urgent need of blood. so we neighbours immediately rushed to his aid. so donot totally cut off with every one

  • Volunteer

    Hare krsna,
    All glories to Srila Prabupad, guru and gauranga!!!

    The main purpose of association is to share news, thoughts, ideas and gossip. We find association/would like to associate based on our thoughts and views. This can be easily validated by a person being selective in revealing his thoughts and views to like minded people and hiding it from the rest due to the thoughts wont align and create friction. Sharing the views with like minded people will increase the knowledge and give more information and insight into the topic being discussed. Lets say a rock star. By discussing one can share information, experiences and good and bad of that rock star.

    Now for a devotee, this term is no different. By associating with like minded people, we develop more knowledge on the topic. And for a devotee, the main topic is Krsna. By association, we increase our knowledge, experiences, revelation and struggles and joys of devotional service.

    Now if the act is more or less the same, what is the difference in the ultimate outcome? The outcome/benefit of a material discussion is not much as we all know. However, the discussion on Krsna will provide spiritual benefits that never gets erased.

    Prabhupada when he started preaching, he dint seek devotees. HE MADE NON-DEVOTEES, DEVOTEES. Our attitude should be the same. Each person is a future devotee and we should help and assist them in attaining devotional service attitude as soon as possible. If we just refrain from non-devotee, then how can we preach them the ultimate goal of life? How can we serve Prabhupad by just refraining from all non-devotees? To whom will be give the KC books to? There is nothing wrong in small talk if you are then able to give them the talk on krsna. To engage them to listen and understand spiritual talk, we should be able to tolerate a bit of material talk too.

    Just my two cents mataji.. Happy to take on feedback and corrections.

    Hare krsna..

  • Pranams. It will be a gross misinterpretation to understand not associating with non-devotees as not talking to them. Every living entity is child of Lord Krishna so please be friendly to everyone. Not associating with them means not imbibing their thought processes or materialistic mentality. We do not reveal our innermost feelings particularly those problems relating to KC to non-devotees and take their materialistic advice. 

  • Hare Krishna,

    If I am correct don't take association of non - devotees means - a spiritual devotee should not develop materialistic thoughts after association of non - devotees. We can interact with non - devotees to make them devotees.

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