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It would be very helpful if you could kindly answer on this discussion.

The following question was asked by a devotee but he couldn't find a appropriate answer:

"I am in mode of Ignorance and I want to advance to mode of Goodness and it is said that by Vaisnava association we can advance but what if the other Vaisnavas are in mode of Ignorance as well then neither me or others can advance. What is the point of associating with a devotee who is on the same platform as me or even lower, there is no point. Some devotees are just pretending to be Krishna Conscious by wearing a Tilak, Wearing vasinava clothes, they are just pretenders so by associating with them I cannot gain or advance in spiritual life so why should I associate with such kind of devotees "


This question is not asked by me some other devotee wanted to know the answer to their question and they couldn't find it so i posted it here.

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      Hare Krishna dear Devotees please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      You are right dear Claire Mataji. in the beginning we hear from those simple Devotees and when we become little bit senior in Krishna Consciousness we start to see faults in those simple Devotees. which is not good, which shows that we are not grateful.

       Your servant,

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    Hare Krishna Nitai Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

     Ignorance means darkness. It means there is no any knowledge. So how could a person in darkness see others real position?

    When we wear red eye glasses we see world red. When we wear orange we see world in orange color, in this way when we wear black we see world in black color. In order to see the reality we have to remove the eye glasses.

    Devotees or any other person around us may be with good qualities but when we are in ignorance we can not see their good qualities. As like a fly we see only dirt in others.

    The solution:

    we have to purify ourselves first by becoming humble than a blade of grass, tolerant than a tree, always respect others not waiting for respect to ourselves.

    Devotee thinks himself as a lowest person in whole creation and thinks of others as his masters.

    Wise person learns even from a dog or hog what to speak of human beings?!

    When we think that we know something then we can not learn anything. It means we do not know anything. Because to know something means to know that you do not know anything.

    Your servant,


    • Thanks for enlightening Mataji, I will tell the devotee that, it is very true


    • harekrishna prabhuji,


      ignorant person is a person who is not aware of his true consciousness once he knows his true consciousness he is not a ignorant person by krishnas mercy, association with devotees trigers and taking food for soul continuosly we get charged where is the question of ignorance when u r connecting to krishna and vaishnava devotees .



      • harekrishna,


        please tell ur friend to get connected with pure devotees through their association he can help his friends by his knowledge so that they can also climb up in kc. give good association but dont take bad association from non devotees who are still in the mode of ignorance.


        surrender to radhakrishna


        • Volunteer

          Fortune like association with pure Devotees does not come so simple. First we have to deserve that. Until we are not ready to associate with Them Krishna won't give us that association. It means He protects us from committing serious offense. It is His mercy.

           Until we have critical  consciousness it is very dangerous to be in the Holy Places or to associate with pure Devotees.

          at least that person does not start to respect and see good in those whom he associates he never ever will progress. He will find faults even in pure Devotees as like Shishupal who told 100 faults even in Krishna who is Faultless.

          The person who thinks that he is greater than anybody in this world then something is wrong with mind. some works should be done.

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