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please accept my humble obeiscances

recently i read that after the pandavas die, the last person yudhishtira sees draupadi and his brothers as well as kauravas in the heavenly planets.

i can understand that since kauravas fought and died in the battlefield , they could enter heavenly planets but as far as i know arjuna and draupadi were great devotees of krsna and krsna was also equally affectionate to them especially arjuna and draupadi . i have also read somewhere that arjuna is infact a gopi called arjuniya gopi, so did arjuna go to goloka or vaikuntha or heavenly planet?

pls somebody answer my question.

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Many people have the same question as you because their understanding of Mahabharat comes from folk stories or TV Shows or movies. Neither people read Mahabharat as it is too long nor it is considered good fortune to read it (taboo).

    However since the reason I came to Krishna Consciousness is due to Mahabharat; I;d like to explain if you'll allow.

    “Dharme Cha Arthecha Kamecha, Mokshecha Bharatarshabha; Yad Ihaasti Tad Anyatra, Nehasti Na Tat Kvachit"
    About Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha whatever is there in this Mahabharata can be found elsewhere in the world and whatever is not here cannot be found anywhere in the world.

    So it means it leaves all the doubt that after reading Mahabharata you'll have any doubts left.

    Now about your question, please refer to last Parva / Book wiz. Svargarohana Parva.

    In nutshell;

    1. Yudhistra and other Pandavas takes positions of the GODS in the Swargaloka. They are not benefiting from their good karmas but took the administrative roles in Swarga.

    2. Each Pandav is identified as an Incarnation of Gods. And Draupadi as Shakti's incarnation (hence she's always pure).

    3. Krishna is identified as Supreme Brahman - One whose above all.

    With this Mahabharat is finished; then it followed by sub-text called Hari-Vamsha which is lineage of Lord Krishna.

    Please refer 



    It's the smallest book of Mahabharat. Mere 6 chapters. Will answer your questions in more detail.

    Thank You

    Radhe Shyam

  • Hare Krishna,
    That was Dvapara Yuga. Attaining moksha in that yuga was very very difficult to than comparing to Kali Yuga. As far as my knowledge, to reach Moksha in respective yoga's are
    Sathya Yuga- 10000 years of meditation
    Treata Yuga- 1000 years of yagya perfomence
    Dvapara Yuga- 10 years of temple working
    Kali Yuga- 16 rounds of Chanting the names of Lord with unalloyed devotion

    Also most of the people who died war were all incarnation of various other demigods who helped in Krishna to establish Dharma like
    Vidura- Yaamaraj,
    Abhimanu- King of Gandharva,
    Sons of Draupadi- Important Gandharvas
    Duriyodhana and Brothers- Goddess Kali and associates
    Pandavas- Sons of various Demigods
    Bhishma- Vasus
    Dronacharya- Bhrihaspati
    etc etc.
    So they were already inhabitants of heaven who just came to help the supreme lord Krishna.
    Hope this might have solved your Doubts.
    Hare Krishna.
  • where ever arjuna went, beleive or not, krishna is with him personaly.

  • Except Yudhisthira , all brothers and Draupadi went to hell, as per Mahabharat. 

    • thats shows that mahabharata you read isnt made by sri vyasadev,

      because by any common logic .

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Anusha mataji,


    I had heard in a lecture that Arjuna attains the Parthasarathy loka in vaikuntha.

    Regarding what you read, there is a story that the pandavas alongwith Draupadi start walking towards heaven. One by one each one falls, and then Yudhistira and a dog are the only ones to reach heaven. That is, in the human form, they reached heaven. I am aware that he saw Duryodhana there. I have not heard about the other pandava brothers being there. In any case, they did not reach in the human body.



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