Are we really vegeterians


I am a lacto-vegeterian and trying to become Vegetarian. 

The devotees of Shri Krishna should be vegetarian. We are allowed to drink milk and milk products. 

In our vedic culture, cows were integral part of our life and family. Cows were milked partially and rest milk were given to its calves.

In current scenario, the animals that are treated worst in India are cows. They are impregnated artificially throughout their life. They are given hormonal injections which causes pain in their system which is equivalent to delivery pain. 

Cows become sterile within 4-5 years of their first delivery, because of continuous pregnancy and their use as milk producing machinery. I remember, almost 15 years ago, we use to buy milk from milkman. He use to give injections to Buffalo/cows 15 minutes before milking. These hormones create cramps in her digestive and mammary systems and to avoid cramps she has to give out milk.

If cow delivers male, the male calf is immediately shifted for its flesh and soft leather. If the baby is cow, she is retained to act as milk factory.

Today, we are largest producer of milk in the world and also the largest exporter of cow/beef leather in the world.

I have stopped drinking milk because of these facts. It is better to eat onion and garlic rather than drinking the branded milk.

please share your thought or you can speak to me on 9820185606. I am living in Mumbai.


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          • hare krishna, it is very difficult to avoid milk.....

        • Volunteer

          Hare Krishna,

          Please accept my humble obeisances.

          follow diet of what ayurveda suggested.

          please avoid any of the drinks produced and marketed by MNCs like pepsico and cocacola. check all of their brands on the website and avoid.
  --- avoid all brands..
 -- avoid all brands

          drink natural drinks like fruit juices. make them at home from real fruits rather than buying tetrapacks from markets.
          for skins or hair use natural products like home ayurveda remedies. many websites you will find which mention various products, since I do not use any cosmetic products other than coconut oil, ayurveda soaps, hence cannot share direct links.
          do not buy wheat flour which are readily available in the markets as the technique these companies use to make flour from wheat grains reduces nutrional properties of wheat flour.
          also ayurveda says flour should not be older than 15 days.
          so best is to buy wheat grains and then get the flour done from chakki shops and buy wheat grains only which last for 2 weeks. after 2 weeks buy again.

          also follow timings at which you eat. most important as per Ayurveda.

          1. within 2.5 hours of sun rise eat heavy meal, most of the people call it as heavy breakfast. in ISKCON Vrindavan, at 9am full meal prasadam is served. so eat chapati, sabji, dal, little rice and fruits.

          2. do not drink water 1 hour before and after the meal. As Jatharagni (fire in stomach which does digestion) should not be reduced during digestion. drinking water just after meal makes Jatharagni weak and hence food rotts in stomach and creates issues of VAAT like acidity and others.
          drink luke warm water after 1 hour of meal as after 1-1.5 hours water is necessary to create rasa and then absorb nutrients from food rasa for blood, virya, bone marrow etc..

          3. in ISKCON Vrindavan at 3PM, next meal is served. make sure you eat proper meal this time of day as well. and then for sure drink chaas (made up of curd and water). put ajwain (in marathi we call ova), saindhav namak and jeera powder in chaas.
          this helps tremedously in digestion.

          4. after sunset, do not eat anything. take only hot milk with haldi (turmeric). same is followed by most devotees in ISKCON Vrindavan. This is also reccommended by ayurveda. the science is that after sunset, the jatharagni is not strong and hence one should not eat (the foods which are difficult to digest) after sunset.

          so in a nutshell

          1. eat lots of fruits in morning within first 2.5 hours of sunrise.

          2. do not drink water 1 hour before and after of any meal.

          3. drink hot milk with haldi after sunset.

          4. before going to bed drink aawala churna with luke warm water.

          5. also when you wake first thing to do after remebering Krishna, is to drink luke warm water. as the saliva created during your sleep has many significant properties, so that saliva should get into your stomach. so drink 2 glasses of luke warm water before you brush.
          ayurveda had recommended this a lot.

          this will keep you healthy as ayurveda claims.

          if you want any more details or clarifications in detail, please mail me on

          Hare Krishna, Hari Bol
          Your servant

          Pepsico - 404
          • hare krishna..thank you for detailed informatiom...i will surely follow these tips

  • Volunteer

    oh my God is it really like this? :'(

    How do You know about it?

    But if no milk then spiritual progress is also goes bad. As it says milk only is in the full mode of goodness and helps to grow particular cells in the brain which can help to understand the Vedic knowledge.

    Now what to do? ...:(

    Your servant, 

    • We just need to follow the scriptures as directed by Srila Prabhupada. Material world have lot of imperfections. We need to do the best we can and rest is with Krishna. Ultimate goal is to develop love of GOD not just following externals only. So we should be fine.

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