Are we really vegeterians


I am a lacto-vegeterian and trying to become Vegetarian. 

The devotees of Shri Krishna should be vegetarian. We are allowed to drink milk and milk products. 

In our vedic culture, cows were integral part of our life and family. Cows were milked partially and rest milk were given to its calves.

In current scenario, the animals that are treated worst in India are cows. They are impregnated artificially throughout their life. They are given hormonal injections which causes pain in their system which is equivalent to delivery pain. 

Cows become sterile within 4-5 years of their first delivery, because of continuous pregnancy and their use as milk producing machinery. I remember, almost 15 years ago, we use to buy milk from milkman. He use to give injections to Buffalo/cows 15 minutes before milking. These hormones create cramps in her digestive and mammary systems and to avoid cramps she has to give out milk.

If cow delivers male, the male calf is immediately shifted for its flesh and soft leather. If the baby is cow, she is retained to act as milk factory.

Today, we are largest producer of milk in the world and also the largest exporter of cow/beef leather in the world.

I have stopped drinking milk because of these facts. It is better to eat onion and garlic rather than drinking the branded milk.

please share your thought or you can speak to me on 9820185606. I am living in Mumbai.


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  • All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

    We should place our faith in the scriptures, and the suggestion to stop drinking milk is not sanctioned by the scriptures. There are always imperfections in this material world, but in Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that we should perform our duties even if there is some imperfection. Our duty is to offer nice foodstuffs for Krishna's pleasure, including milk products. It is far better to follow the scriptures than to follow our own speculations. To not drink milk, against the scriptural injunctions, is an act of karma. When we offer milk to Krishna the cows who supplied the milk are spiritually benefited. By performing proper yajna we please Krishna and only by His Will can the wrongdoings in this world be put right. 

    Hare Krishna

    • All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.
      I agree with you Prabhu. We should strictly follow scriptures rather than our own speculation.


    If we go into the reasons why Vegans have stopped to consume milk and milk products,it’s mainly

    for their health,and some for boycotting cruel farming. I personally love such products,and believe they can give long lasting life,but unfortunately,the products we have in the supermarkets are not really what they claim to be: most of them are adulterated,and due to corruption,mainly in India,these products are very dangerous to consume,due to the addition of detergents,urine,etc…Due to the increasing demand of meat,cows’ milk is getting more and more scarce,and it’s very profitable

    to adulterate milk. Lately China had to destroy to destroy tons of fake milk,adulterated with

    melamine,that killed 4 children,and in Italy 16,000 tons of fake butter was seized! In India,about 250 factories produce fake ghee.


    Even more dangerous is  fake ghee,normally a nectar,that can cure many diseases,and is used in many ayurvedic medicines,but  at present is being adulterated with pigs,cows,monkey,chicken and even monkeys fat,as it requires 28 litres of whole milk to make one litre of ghee! Antibiotics,hormones  and horrible death  complete the disaster.Just by calculating the real cost of ghee,we can suspect that other cheaper substances have been added to make a very profitable business. The demand is huge:400,000 tons per year in India:temples,sweets factories,restaurants,richer Indians rushing  to buy ghee or sweets for religious festivals,while muslims also need it for  bryanis….There’s just not enough  around! Newly rich countries are longing for the American meat diet as well as dairy products:the tongue can’t be controlled: so they buy any product existing, and end up with obesity and  all sorts of  deadly diseases. Wise devotees shouldn’t follow this path of ignorance. 


     Fake ghee business is so profitable as pig and beef fat is only $2 a kilo and there is plenty around. The risk is little with corrupt police and justice,mainly in India: a small fine and back to business!

    Most Westerners do not know about the wholesome role of cows in society, having been raised on daily steaks,chicken etc,all obtained with mechanized agriculture,and the fact that pure milk products bring health and  cow based agriculture,prosperity to humanity,without danger to environment,is ignored.When they discovered about the horrors of slaughterhouses,they readily rejected such products,but agriculture using chicken manure is most disgusting,with the smell and toxic substanes it contains


    As modern economy is based on fake medicines,chemical fertilizers/pesticides,hormones,cars,meat diet,overcrowded city life,petroleum products,loans [to buy tractors,fertilizers and pesticides],the simple living economy is no more fashionable: so people are much in debts,committing suicide,diseased,and violently crazy: So vegans should be taught about the real miracle of cow economics,about the role of milk products for health,but they shouldn’t be forced to consume the present ‘prasadam’ of the temple,as the risk is too high!Devotees should be aware of the real consistence of so called milk and ghee, lab tests should be made to detect slaughterhouse products before peforming abhisekas,otherwise,the Lord may run away from His Form,leaving just an idol to be worshipped.

    What will  non devotees think when they discover that devotees are not really vegetarians,and that our rituals are nullified by these obnoxious slaughterhouse items?Isn’t it better to use vegetable oil for the time being? Should the wealth of these manufacturers be increased-many are actually muslims gansters-together with the suffering of cows and bulls ?We have to adapt according to time and circumstances.



    Cows protection resolves all problems: unemployment,famine,health,wealth,crowded cities,pollution,desertification,housing,fuel and so we should all preach and glorify the sacred cow,by

    including in all strategic planning, her presence,thus pleasing cows, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada,Lord Krishna,and all devotees. By taking real  non-violent prasadam,cooked with real ghee,most guests,including vegans, will be amazed by its wonderful taste and come back for more while others will imitate the simple  way of living by creating similar farms,as cities are now full of

    unemployed youth and endless problems.Cow awareness is done here in Mauritius,by including a cow or calf in harinams,special house programs with cow,calves in pet shows,exhibition of all cow products,where we can see that this forgotten wonder animal is much loved by all,including people of all religions




     I suggest the creation of a transparent International Trust Fund for Cow Protection,in order to create gosalas and buy/rent land in  all parts  of the world ,as the meat industry is busy getting all land possible for their sinister trade! Thus,devotees can have real dairy products,medicines,fertilizers and pesticides from cow urine,organic veg and grains,plenty of service and be models for the sick society.Remember that real wealth is cows and land!


    Cow based economics can save humanity!


    Gomata ki jaya!



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  • AGSTP.

    Please refer below link.

    Cow milk is required for understanding the vedic knowledge. I totally agree with your words and it happens when the milk is given by cows with love and compassions. If the cows are forced to give milk through unnatural means, do you think that such a milk would be having even a single drop of love and compassion. While giving out milk, cows also knows that her calf is not going to get such milk.

    Please read these articles carefully and do reply.


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      Hare Krishna,

      Please accept my humble obeisances.

      Cow's condition in this land of Krishna is very horrible.

      There are more than 3600 slaughter houses in India, and after killing cows, corporates are using the blood, bones in various products which most vegetarians use in their lives like lipstick, fair&lovely, sabudana (for fasting), tea, colgate toothpaste etc... and they all claim to be vegetarians.. this is irony...

      please check below link of youtube, but I request not to watch the video, just listen to audio as it has some horrible pics of what they do to Mother cow...

      This is very India where Krishna showed how to love Cows and protect cows, and see what is happening now...

      coming back to your question of Cow milk in urban areas, I do agree with your views, but there are still Goshala in Vrindavan or urban areas of country where they do not hanker for money and rather do seva to mother cow and then use Her products like milk, gomutra, gobar...

      Gaay prani nahin, hamara pran hai..

      Gaay janwar nahin, hamari jaan hai.

      Hum usko paal nahin rahe, Gaay hame paal rahi hai..

      we need to make everyone aware as whats happening with cows.

      Hare Krishna, Hari Bol

      Your servant

      • oh my god ...what to eat? what to drink and what to use? is very difficult to a devotee to live in this world...pls share some links about safe products which we can use..

                                                                 hare krishna

        • I would suggest to avoid milk and milk products from the market. Doing so, you will not contribute in the slaughtering of cows. 

          Rest all vegetarian food is good. Instead of milk, take almond and coconut milk.

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