Are we against Lord Rama?

Please Accept My Humble Obeisances.All Glories to Srila Guru & Gauranga.Hare KrishnaI have been asked the question, why is Lord Krishna praised higher than Lord Ramachandra? Both are Perfect Forms of the Supreme.Why is Lord Rama not favored as Lord Krishna ?I Love Sri Sri Radha Krishna, and I also Love Sri Sri Sita Rama. I want to know how to properly approach this question.Please forgive me if I have committed an offense in asking this question.Hari bolYour Servant,David

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  • Ha ha
    Thanx Prabhu for correcting my fault the fun way
    May Krishna Bless u

    Haribol!!! :) 

  • Dear Prabhu,
    Hare Krishna.

    This is a very odd question. Yet to clarify you, as you must know, Lord Ramacandra had 12 Yogic points (Kalas) open whereas Krishna is Swayam bhagvan, had all 16 Nodes enlightened. Although Rama is form of Krishna, Krishna is Parabrahma.
    It is clarified if u and ur representator is. Ram is partial, though Vishnu-Tattva, and is Representator Of KRishna, Whereas KRISHNA IS SWAYAM KRISHNA, Eternal and Material Nature being the same.
    Moreover taking the name of Krishna = 1000 Vishnu Names, taking Rama's name= 100 Vishnu names. That's Another Perception.
    Eidher u love Rama Or Krishna, It really matters, but Krishna is Krishna and Rama is expansion Of Krishna.

    Hope u get it,
    Hare Ram, Hare Krishna!! :) 

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