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Any one Knows Bharatanatyam Dance ??? (In Mumbai - India)

we want bharatanatyam Dancer to do dance in-front of Lord Jagannath with Pahandi dance group @ Shivaji Park Rath Yatra 2014.

pls contact on 07798645293

mostly we want Any Female dancer if not available then male or both.

bharatanatyam Dancer have to express Vindavan Viraha Lia through her/his Dance in front of Lord.
In Jagannath Puri during rath yatra festival, becoz of this dancer expression of viraha bhava of Vindavan vasi Jagannat Leaves his pales(puri temple) and goes to gundicah (vrindavan) to meet all gopis and radharani.

this dance have to do with pahandi music which we already organized, now we want dancer only.

we are tring to imitate this at shivaji park rath yatra just becoz our Srila prabhupad's Senior western disciples are not allowed to go inside of puri temple, so we want to show this ceremony to them as well as to all mumbaikar devotees.

pls contact on 07798645293

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