Any one from pune?

Hi I am from Hyderabad and working in pune (Mphasis). I went to Iskcon pune. But, I am missing devotees association in pune...anyone from pune, please provide their association to help me advance in krishna consciousness... 

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  • Hare krishna


    He will call u within 15 min.

    is it fine?

  • Hare krishna Dandavat

    If u don't mine, he will call u at evening.



  • Hare krishna prji
    I m from pune.If u want then My prji also guide you.
    I added your phone number in ISKCON May "i help you" guide line.

  • yes prabhuji, im from pune (though originally from mumbai). m a student here. I try to visit the temple on sundays. my contact number is 9665028994, in case the need be. It wud be very unqualified on my behalf if i were to say dat i can provide yu association, but devotees should be together. This wednesday, its shri nityananda aniversary. will be visiting the temple. if yu happen to visit, my number is up there. Get in touch. would be proud to meet yu atleast. Jai shri radha kunjbihari.

    Yur servant,
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