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    Learn from a devotee, who connects with Lord Krishna, while singing to Krishna.

    Bengali, is a big plus, if he knows how to sing in proper Bengali tune.

    Bengali, in itself is not a qualification. A non Bengali, teacher is also fine, if he knows how to sing exactly like a Bengali.

    You can take lessons from anywhere in the world via Skype!!

    Also dont go to someone, whos motivation is making money, rather than teaching someone how to connect with Krishna while singing in tune, ONLY for the pleasure of Krishna and no one else(not even your pleasure!)

    Many people/sadakas are just showing off on their musical talents. Its called peacock complex in psychology!!

    They need to visit a psychiatrist and get their head checked.

    If you are the right student, you must find the right teacher of music, as discussed above.

    Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, Namakshara Naam Naahi. 

    Not just Naam, sing with bhakti, devotion and single minded purpose of pleasing the Lord.

    Gaan, tune, comes second. Naam comes First. Naam is none other than the Lord Himself.

    Gaan/singing melodiously is the easy part anyone can teach!!

    • Dandavats, 

      Thanks for reply

      Yes i understand what you mean. Learning from someone who has bhakti would certainly be the utmost lucky situation.

      I'm a organ student from Rome, so i was wondering if it would be possible for me to learn to play the harmonium, and become a performer, so that i may be able to mantain my basic life needs.

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        Oh my God. You want to become Kirtaniya to make a living? Ha Ha...

        Sorry, for my laughter Prabhuji. Hope I did not offend you.

        Prabhupada would never approve such chanting although lot of that is going on.

        Although there are big kirtaniyas act like great devotees, expecting us to pay obeisances to them, even with the Radha Krishna alter open. 

        Only to open their box of cds and micro usbs, right after the Kirtan and cash in on the strength of the Holy Names of the Lord.

        Is this kind of chanting really Krishna's Names?

        Well I am not the one to tell you.

        Why not hear it directly from the H.G. Sripad Aindra Prabhu...

        Please forgive if I offended you. Hope you will resolve to chant Shudha Naam!!

        • Hare Krishna,

          To be honest the thought of becoming a kirtaiya didn't even cross my mind. Please allow to explain myself a bit better.

          I'm an organ student from Rome, so i have already some skill at playing keyboards. However i find myself more inclined towards indian music, as i find improvisation a more natural way to play. So i'd be interested to learn how to play instrumental hindustani and/or indian classical music as i think that's the field i could really express myself and be successful. I'm really not much of a singer, i sing in a choir and i can read and chant, but not even close to professional level. 

          On the other hand i'm in 2nd year of a organ bachelor's degree so the harmonium would be not so hard for me to pick up. 

          So i was wondering whether someone who knows the world of Indian music could help me understand how to get a degree in indian music, what kind of degree i need to be able to perform, how one gets to play in concerts and such. 

          Hopefully now i was a bit more clear,

          Hare Krishna

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