Dear Devotees,

we kindly request you to share any knowledge you have, any web links, books etc. on how were traditional gardens for temple Deities planned and designed?

Srila Prabhupada writes that in India traditional temples have land and gardens for the pleasure of the Deities and also to provide flowers and other things for making offerings for the Lord.

We own a plot of land and have been worshiping Deities for a couple of years and growing a few things for Them, but now we would like to seriously plan a nice garden for Them, for the inspiration and pleasure of the visiting devotees and for providing for Deity offerings.

We are in a different climate conditions (North of Europe), but still would like to come as close as possible to a traditional design, since traditional things are most dear to the Lord.

Thank you very much

Your humble servant

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    Dear Matajis,

    please accept my humble obeisances.

    Thank you very much for your kind answers. Yes, it is helpful for the beginning. Once we go into more detailed planning, there could be more questions. In that case I will post them under the new community

    Thank you,

    your humble servant

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    Hare Krishna Mataji!

    For a Krishna Conscious sincere devotee, there is no need for vaastu setting as Lord Himself will automatically set everything for his devotee perfectly so that the devotee remains safe.

    However, if desired, no harm in keeping the settings as per vaastu.

    A garden built as per vastu directions, brings positive energy to the place and not only benefits the plants and trees in the garden, which grow healthy, but also benefits the occupants of the garden.

    First of all, please take a compass and go to the center of the house. Keep compass on the floor and see where the red needle directs. The red needle will direct towards North. Slowly move the base of compass so that written north gets aligned with Red needle directing towards north. 

    • After North, North East and East can have garden with small herbs/shurbs.

    • The south-west can have heavy trees.South of the garden should be heavy and slope should be towards north east, north or east.

    • South, South-west and West should have heavy trees and North, North-east and east should have light herbs-shurbs.
    • Tulsi (basil) should be grown in the east, north-east, or north side of the house.
    • Tall trees should ideally be planted in the south-east or south-west side.
    • Medium – sized trees should be in the west or south.
    • Medicinal plants, herbs, aromatic bushes should be planted in the west side of the plot.
    • You may also keep little water in front of deity and chant a minimum of 1 round of mahamantra there. After that you may put incense sticks and leave water for some time over there. This water can be sprayed in garden a bit and also in the whole house.
    • Deities should be placed towards North East and if not possible then either East or a manner that we face towards North East, East or North.

    Above mentioned to be done if possible. If not then no worries. Clean house by adding go-mutra mixed in water and feed the chapatis to cows.

    Please let me know if there is any other way I can help.

    Hari Bol!

  • Volunteer You may try this one dear Mataji.

    ..and let's see if some Devotee can help You.

    May some Devotees who know Vastu shastra...

    Your servant

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