• hari bol prabhu,

                 i do in little way , in case u need pls send me dob, time of birth, place of birth (if possible along with lat and long details, if don't know i'll find using net but mention exact place)

                i can give basic chart and some reading from brighusamhita.


    best wishes, nilesh

    • pleas provide me your email id so that i can send my details to u thru email and not here publicly.

  • Volunteer

    this Prabhuji HG Damana Krishna Prabhu ( Disciple of HH JPS) from Slovenia is very trusted and known astrologer

    You can talk with him.

    Your servant,

  • Yes I Know Some of them

    I had association of devotees of Iskcon Kolkata and Mumbai but they said they are not instructed to do Horoscope, They are suppose to preach.

    And Prabhupad made 3 institutes

    1) ISKCON- for general Preaching.... to every corner of socity

    2) BBT - for book publication

    3) Bhaktivedanta Institute - (BI) to do research and establish Scriptures by dis-proofing those scientific notion which are against Vedanta Philosophy.

    and this BI devotees are instructed to learn Astrology too, I believe they will be happy to help you..

    • It will be really helpful for me if you let me know abt somebody.

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