Sir I am Rupesh and I have lot of bad habits and suffering lot of problems due to above. In the past I have made a lot of mistakes and I think I am suffering due to sin done by me. I think that Iskcon consciousness is the best in order to get relief and so I want to stay at any place where Iskcon devotee's are living.Sir as I am new to Iskcon and so please guide me where to stay and study and practice srila prabupadhas books.

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  • Sir I am interested and love Krishna consciousness and so I want to be and live with Iskcon people my whole life. At present I have another disease ie., as I am an unemplyee I always think that I am worse than others and so I want to work with Iskcon and make my remaining life peaceful and happy. Can any one of you guide to get a job at organizations like Iskcon or similar.

  • Hi Rupesh,

    Very Good decision

    please follow the link for hostel info

    if your from bangalore


    Naresh P

  • Dear Prabhu,

    Please check out these levels of progress for the congregational devotees of ISKCON.

    Maybe it will help organize your thoughts.

    Congregational Steps

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    First of all, welcome to this forum, to ISKCON and to Krsna Consciousness. I will suggest Krsna Consciousness for you and for everyone, as against ISKCON consciousness. There's a lot of difference - for instance, ISKCON has a beginning, Krsna does not.

    Secondly, you could do a search on to find out the nearest centre to your place right now.

    I am not aware of your current situation in life, as in whether you are student, working, married, who all are family members, whether they are favourable, whether non veg in the house, to advise you further. What I know is that it is our consciousness that we have to develop and purify, that can be done at home itself. No need to go and stay at an ISKCON centre for that.

    If you tell us more about yourself, it would be easier to give personalised guidance to you.

    Best of luck.


    Your servant,


    • Yes Krishna consciousness is great. My family members are helpful to me but some of my family members are humiliating Me a lot. At every moment I am always thinking that I am worse than others and I am restless and so I am not at all getting sleep. In order to overcome these I have approached an yoga teacher and he asked 7000 per month. I want to stay at any Iskcon temple because some of my family members are very cruel to me.  Previously I have seen a group of people who was travelling and demonstrating about Iskcon while maintaining high moral values I mean not taking non veg, smoking etc.,.   At home if I practice Krishna consciousness it may not be effective and so may I know where Iskcon devotees stay. I want to stay at Iskcon means I want satsang for a few days and it doesn't mean I want any services from Iskcon or its people and even I am ready to serve others.

      • If it is not possible can you please try to suggest any other satsang organization.

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