Who recorded the Gita? Why Krishna or Arjuna had forgot the Gita and how to be sure that the Gita as it is available now is the original? If it were available why the Anugita?

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  • One of the quality of Lord in His lilas is that He never forgets transcendental knowledge. Not even for a second. Take this as highest truth.

  • Krishna is the supreme personality of godhead and also the parmatma of everyone's heart. then how can he forget Gita ? 

    It is known as Asura-mohana-lila.

    Listen the answer of Chaitanya charan das pr. here :

    How did Krishna forget the Bhagavad-gita, as he states in the Mahabharata?
    From: vajra nrshima das pji my Question is in mahabharata (ashavemad parva)Section 16 XVI Anugita Parva (mbh 14.16.431) . when arjuna asked krishna p…
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