Animal Slaughtering & Destiny

I was reading Bhagwad Geeta Adhyay 2 . It was written over their that animal slaughtering is a sin but animal offer for hindu yagya is not a sin but it's dharm. Please correct me if I've misunderstood. Also , we always say that nothing can happen without the will of God then can we say the animals who are getting slaughtered are facing their destiny i.e. they are facing their destiny. But God won't write this in anyone's destiny. Murders are destiny ? We should believe in destiny or not ? 

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Firstly, Animal slaugtering is a sin. Animal slaugtering is done to please certian demigods for specific boons. ( tantric sadhanas) for material gains. If suppose a person wants to become rich suddenly overnight..( because overnight no one cannot become rich) but this desire he got,  so he goes to some tantrik or some demigod like Kali or Durga and they suggest him do this pooja that pooja offer the head of a goat then your wishes will be fulfilled. so, this is how these people have cheated uneducated persons since long time. These tantrik babas or some Devi Upasaks they even quote from Vedas saying this is written in vedas to get this boon you have to do this animal sacrifice. 

    But little is known that... during Vedic times, Treta yuga ( Rama time) there were animal sacrifices and the sages used to do Ashwamedha yaga ( horse) or some Go medha yaga ( cow sacrifice ) also but the sages really very highly talented in this art. They selected an animal which was  very old and almost ready to die for this procedure and they knew the ART OF TRANSFERING THE SOUL into another new BODY. and this is justified action... See the soul got a new body and a new life. the old body was sacrificed because anyways it is going to die. This process was known at that time by sages so.....They gave these rules for doing yagna , yagas for the kings to get benefits from demigods. Mostly these type of sacrifices offered to demigods for good purposes by kings ( during Vedic times)... like for getting rains in that land, by pleasing demigods, Or for some betterment of humanity sake they were doing these rituals and practices. 

    But when it came to Buddha's time the kings were told by brahmins that sacrifices are to be done to get some material benefits like winning a war or gaining control and other selfish interests.. tantrik procedures for getting some desires satisfied...

    This is totally condemned by Lord Buddha. So selfish sake don't kill any animals was the teaching of Lord Buddha ( LORD BUDDHA IS SHAKTI AVESHA AVATARA OF KRISHNA ONLY)... And even those brahamin during the time of Buddha didn't pocess the talent of preserving the soul and Transfering the soul to another body. This knowledge was lost over time.

    Next is, animals are facing the effects of past bad deeds and the karma doesn't apply to them now. As they are animals they live by killing smaller animals..... so for them it is not sin to kill animal for their hunger. It is their natrue  and they are suffering being in animal body already. But if you, being a human and still eating consuming animals for the pleasure of tongue is a sin. 

    Because In humans intellect is well developed.  A human being can be compassionate and decide not to kill animal for his taste buds sake. Animal might have done bad karma so it came to the slaugter house but at this point a human can either chose to not to kill or kill it depends on the choice he makes. If he kills he is creating a new bad karma. 

    Finally God is not the one who writes your destiny. It is we ourself write our own destiny. God is no way connected. He is just witness to you actions. He will guide you sitting in the heart and say Hey, No don't eat this animal, dont kill this poor animal, ( your Antar Aatma will give you hints and suggestions ) but Lord doesn't interfere in the free will of us. He lets us to take the decision. It is you choice to leave it or kill it. depending on what you chose your destiny is created.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna. 

      Thank you so much

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