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I was on my way back to India from US at Chicago Airport, waiting for my next connecting flight to for Delhi on 29th November evening at around 6.30 pm. There was a American girl with the name Kristyn and she was also set to Board in the same flight. She was in Indian suit, so I had a some kind of intuition in my mind that she has inquisitiveness to know about spiritual heritage of India and might be traveling to India for this reason. I just ignored it and things went by and everyone boarded in the flight.
Somehow I was not very comfortable with the seat that I was being allotted to in the flight. I checked with the Flight attendant and she suggested me to take another seat in the middle side, wherein 5 seats were together and 2 old ladies were having their seats on both the sides. I was happy to get on to that seat as I was able to get three seats together so that I could sleep properly. I again saw that American girl and she was sitting on the next row, where I moved on from my allotted seat. I generally carry BTG Magazine during my travel, so that I can present it to one, who is interested. I sent the BTG magazine to her through the Flight attendant on my behalf. She accepted the same with thanks. Initially she thought that the magazine is distributed it to everyone but later she realized it was not so.
I was taking nap at the back seat. After dinner, both the ladies sitting around me wanted to sleep. Since they had some problems with their legs, one of those ladies suggested to me why don't I go on the next row, as there were two seats vacant next to that American girl. Out of respect for them and keeping in view the problems of those old ladies, I requested one of them to please check with that American girl, if she has any objection to it and she had no objection to it. Finally I was shifted on the seat next to her seat.
She was watching some movie and I was kind of little sleepy and took a small nap. In the meanwhile she also slept after some time. Then we both wake up and we had face to face interaction and she thanked me for the Magazine. Thereafter I initiated some discussions about spirituality and her purpose of traveling to India.
She had been to India before and was coming again to do three months yoga course at some Institute in Indore. Then after knowing a little, we started talking about Krishna Consciousness philosophy. We exchanged our thoughts and ideas for about two & half to three hours and we took break to restart the session after few minutes. She took a little nap and I was chanting during the break. We restarted our discussions again on this subject of Krishna Consciousness philosophy. Gradually, we became a little more familiar about each other and turned up into friends. The second session went again for about four hours until we were about to reach & land at Delhi Airport. We had healthier exchanges on spirituality, personal attributes of life, her faith, believes and views on spirituality.
The flight landed off at around 9.45 pm in the night as per Delhi time standards and I asked her to meet at baggage claim to say final see off to each other. Her next plan was to stay at the IG Airport overnight and to catch the train to Indore on the next day night from Delhi Railway Station. I just got an idea in the mind that why don't I request her to come and stay at my house overnight instead of waiting at the Airport and I gave this proposal to her. She got a little confused as she was in a foreign country and being asked by someone to stay at his house to whom she has just met at the flight. She started thinking on these lines and said her mother would just hang her and wont let her do so. I convinced her a little, as I wanted to help & assist her as she was in the foreign country. Finally I said to her if she intends to come along or stay at the Airport overnight. She made some inquiries at the Airport lounge and she was completely confused with what to do as it was completely unusual and unexpected. I waited for a little while & finally she asked to do head/tale over the coin and that will decide the whether to come along or stay at the Airport. In the end I was about to leave the Airport & after long confusions, she decided to come along but she was scared & a little nervous about it.
My father, my elder brother & my nice were waiting for me at the Airport. My all family members graciously welcomed her and everyone was interested to talk to her. All members were trying to talk to her but could not do much because of the language difference.
Next day in the morning after chanting my rounds, I went to office. As we have a joint family, she also got to know about the culture of Indian families. Everyone was pleased with her personality, attributes and the way she was so expressive and presentable. Later in the evening, I came back from office & took her on a visit to ISKCON temple and in the end I dropped her at Delhi Railway Station in the night.
I pray to Lord Krishna & his devotees that she turns into a devotee (she already has some good understanding and realizations of the reality of human form of life). I request all of you to pray to Lord Krishna, so that she can turn into a pure devotee of Lord Krishna and achieve the ultimate goal of life.
Thank you very much. Hare Krishna

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