An awkward question but plz reply

Krishna is  Adi-purusam, the Supreme Enjoyer, in that sense, He is male, and since we, the jivas, r being enjoyed, we r Prakriti, feminine in nature. Still, when this question of male and female arise, there arises a confusion. Has Krishna got a similar male body like us?? In Svetsvatara Upanishad, His body is described in this way,'He is without a body or organs', and as SP says, there is no difference between Krishna and Krishna's body as Krishna is the Supreme soul. My question is, has Krishna got all features found in a material male body, or has He got a separate spiritual figure?? If anybody understands my question, plz reply!!! Hare Krishna!!!

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    Yesterday, I was going through the pages of Chaitanyacharitamrita(Madhya-lila) when I came across a nice verse that gave me ecstasy...'



    The sweet, attractive transcendental form of Krsna is so

    nice. Just try to understand it. Even a fractional understanding of Krsna's

    beauty can merge all three worlds in the ocean of love. He attracts all the

    living entities within the three worlds.

    Ornaments caress that body, but the transcendental body of Krsna is so

    beautiful that it beautifies the ornaments He wears. Therefore Krsna's body is

    said to be the ornament of ornaments. Despite the wonderful beauty of Krsna,

    there is His three-curved style of standing, which beautifies that form.

    Krsna wears a pearl necklace that appears like a chain of white ducks around

    His neck. The peacock feather in His hair appears like a rainbow, and His yellow

    garments appear like lightning in the sky. Krsna appears like a newly risen

    cloud, and the gopis appear like newly grown grains in the field. Constant rains

    of nectarean pastimes fall upon these newly grown grains, and it seems that the

    gopis are receiving beams of life from Krsna, exactly as grains receive life

    from the rains.

    The quintessence of Krsna's sweet bodily luster is so perfect that there is

    no perfection above it. He is the immutable mine of all transcendental


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      The face of Krsna is the king of all moons, and the body of Krsna is the

      throne. Thus the king governs a society of moons.

      The entire face is called the king of moons. The mouth is another moon, the

      left cheek is a moon, and the right cheek is a moon. The spots of sandalwood

      pulp on Krsna's face are also considered different moons, and His fingernails

      and toenails are also different moons. His forehead is considered a half moon,

      His face is considered the king of moons, and His body is considered the throne.

      All the other candras (moons) are considered to be subordinate moons.

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        Krsna has two cheeks that shine like glowing gems. Both are considered full

        moons. His forehead is considered a half moon, and His spots of sandalwood are

        considered full moons.

        His fingernails are many full moons, and they dance on the flute on His

        hands. Their song is the melody of that flute. His toenails are also many full

        moons, and they dance on the ground. Their song is the jingling of His ankle


        Krsna's face is the enjoyer king. That full-moon face makes His shark-shaped

        earrings and lotus eyes dance. His eyebrows are like bows, and His eyes are like

        arrows. His ears are fixed on the string of that bow, and when His eyes spread

        to His ears, He pierces the hearts of the gopis.

        "The dancing features of His face surpass all other full moons and expand the

        marketplace of full moons. Although priceless, the nectar of Krsna's face is

        distributed to everyone. Some purchase the moonrays of His sweet smiles, and

        others purchase the nectar of His lips. Thus He pleases everyone.

        Krsna has two reddish, widely spread eyes. These are ministers of the king,

        and they subdue the pride of Cupid, who also has beautiful eyes. That face of

        Govinda, which is full of happiness, is the home of the pastimes of beauty, and

        it is very pleasing to everyone's eyes

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          The transcendental form of Lord Sri Krsna is compared to an ocean. A

          particularly extraordinary vision is the moon above that ocean, and another

          vision is His smile, which is sweeter than sweet and is like shining beams of


          The transcendental body of Krsna is very sweet, and His face is

          even sweeter than His body. The soft smile on His face, which is like the

          fragrance of honey, is sweeter still.

          Krsna's body is a city of attractive features, and it is sweeter than sweet.

          His face, which is like the moon, is sweeter still, and the gentle smile on that

          moonlike face is like rays of moonshine.

  • prabhuji harekrishna,

    answer for u r question,  will comes through realisation only. then u will understand very well. for that u need spiritual eyes, for getting that u have take shelter of a guru. when u will get spiritual eyes then u will able to see krishna. then all ur questions will answered automatically. because when krishna wants ,then only he will reveal himself, so if u come to that level krishna will reveal everything to u. by reading and understanding sastras like bhagavadgitha, srimadbhagavatam n caitanya charitamrutam u will purify ur self. then all questions will be answered internally by lord.  haribol

    sripradaradha devi dasi(sreedevi)

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    So will it be right to call Krishna's body just a male body or a spiritual, all-attractive body??
    • Yes u can call krishnas body as a Spiritual Body and all Attractive body ..
  • Hare Krishna !!!


            Jai Gurudev !!! Jai prabhupada !!!

                        Krishna body is got all the features as appared in vrindavan Yasodha Nandana but the difference between our body and krishnas body is our body is Made of Five material elements and our senses will perform only one action means eye will perform only looking it will not her or it will not perform anyother dueites and our body is bound to birth, death, oldage and dieseses but krishnas body is complete spiritual allways bliss, knowledge and eternal his any senses will perfrom any duty by eyes he can eat thats why we are offering food to krishna and just by his glance at our offering he puried and giving the mercy we are accepting as prasadam he never get old we cont see any krishna pictures become old no way we are limited in every aspects but krishnas in umlimited in all the aspects..more details u can refer brahma samhita he glorified the lord including his eternal planet and forms and colour and his activited everything.. Hare krishna Jai prabhupada.


    Your Servant

    Rasika Govinda Das

  • contd.. A golden streak on His chest, the famous Kaustubha gem suspended from His neck, He stood in the air with His lotus feet placed on the shoulders of Garuda.so obviously he has got legs..so all features are present but all of them are not used in the material sense as we do.all his features are transcendental and divine.

  • contd..
    and if you are really curios about the features of the lord you must look into the shastra 's where great devotees have seen him face to face and described him as far as possible..for ex:Kardama Muni saw the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is free from material contamination, in His eternal form, effulgent like the sun, wearing a garland of white lotuses and water lilies. The Lord was clad in spotless yellow silk, and His lotus face was fringed with slick dark locks of curly hair. So obviously he has got a shape for which we have to practice to get those eyes.furthermore kardama muni saw..Adorned with a crown and earrings, He held His characteristic conch, disc and mace in three of His hands and a white lily in the fourth. He glanced about in a happy, smiling mood whose sight captivates the hearts of all devotees.
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