Am I Sporting Unneccesarily?

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Yesterday, I was reading a discussion here wherein Srila Prabhupada was against Unnecessary Sporting.

I have my own fair share of fitness routines, but I would like to check with all of you if this could be considered "Unnecessary Sporting?"

Boxing: I box mainly for self defence and fitness, not to compete. Besides, in this dangerous world, having a self defence system wouldn't be such a bad idea, wouldn't it?

Weight Lifting: I lift weights, but not to look good and have big muscles. I do "functional" training like deadlifts, bench presses, and squats just for the hopes of just becoming physically stronger. So that I can probably help people move heavy things, and maybe compliment my boxing.

Running: Sometimes I run after boxing and weight lifting just to burn a little more calories. This is also for fitness, and for running away if I can't defend myself with boxing. Haha!

Hatha Yoga: I practice the physical form of yoga in the hopes of teaching it one day and incorporating Krishna Consciousness with my lessons, thus helping spread Krishna Consciousness.

This is basically it. I never do these things to compete. Sometimes, I even do these exercises to the sound of kirtans in my earphones.

So, would you say that I am unnecessarily sporting?

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  • Hare Krishna! Dandavat Pranam!

    Very good perspective that I clearly overlooked. Does joining defense/police force qualify to be called as 'kshatriya' in this age ? Even then, the objective will be to serve the country (primary/immediate) while Sadhana is 'practiced' alongside.

    • Hare Krsna

      I would say that anyone who would put themselves in danger to protect another would be a modern day Kshatriya regardless of occupation. I do believe that there are Kshatriyas today albeit not in the same capacity as ancient times. The world is definitely more fallen in current age but that does not mean that the warrior spirit and desire to protect others is gone. The four orders are still applicable but in a less refined manner because of the age of Kali. As far as the objective to serve country that is true but does not take away from practicing dharma and devotional service. Krsna says whatever you do do for Me and surrender all results to Me. Outwardly it may seem as if the devotee is engaged in worldly affairs but as long as everything is done in service to Krsna it is pure devotional service.
  • If you consider yourself a Kshatriya then all these activities would be part of your dharma so you could never do too much. Just remember to work only for Krsna and not let attachment for these activities become more important than your obligations to Krsna. I have not read the article you are referring to but I doubt that Prabhupada was talking about Kshatriyas. It is the duty of the Kshatriya to be physically and mentally strong and prepared to face any threat he encounters. Also no running away :)

    Hare Krsna
  • you seem like you have a funtional/rational/ civil workzout regimen so you equilibrium shoulde't be too much compromised. I think you are corect to be concerned however, as to lose your connections with the one's you love on any level is not a rational aim to be aborted violently or Virulently that should be left to Krishna as one surrenders such things to Him in Hi's own time & judgment. Violence however ,is not much desired in the Schopl of Sri Sri, Sumpadiah. So that boxing I wonct promote. Krishna said that we should leave our protection up to Him. So that's the process of advancement in Sri Sri Sumpadiah I don't know well the other 2-or3- (KC) paths.?
    Violence & Spiritual evolution are'
  • Hare Krishna! Dandavat Pranam!

    Please get some clarity on fundamentals of  'Aatma' tatva before getting into Krishna Consciousness. Try and understand what is body, mind & soul to get the answer for the question.

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