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    This thought seems to be due to your caring nature and it is nice that you don't want to disturb their Lordships. However, the difference is that their Lordships are not limited like us. We get disturbed on someone's call, but their Lordships can continue to reciprocate with innumerable living entities simultaneously. They are unlimited. So, please don't worry. Just go on chanting and they love to hear us chant.

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    Param Sundar DAS
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    • Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


      Thank you for sharing this beautiful fact. 

      Hare Krsna 

  • Hare Krishna!


    well actually when you say the lord's names it pleases him a lot. When Shrimati Radharani hears Krishna ji's name she feels immense pleasure and lord krishna too feels immense pleasure on hearing radha rani's names. we know that nityananda prabhu is actually lord balram. So, if it actually disturbed the lord when someone called out to him, then why would his eternal associate beg at everyone's feet and say "if you just chant the holy name, I'll become your slave for eternity!" Hopefully it answered your doubt

    • Hare Krsna Mataji,


      Thank you. I have understood.

      Hare Krsna 



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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Do parents get disturbed by child's running to them at any hour? 

    THe lord Himself says - man mana bhava mad bhakto madyaji mam namaskuru - remember Me, call out to Me, become My devotee, do namaskarams to Me. So if we do, we are pleasing Him by following His instructions right? 

    He is waiting for us to call out to Him. Please do so prabhu.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krsna Mataji,


      Thank you for reminding me Lord's instruction. I will try my best to follow it.


      Hare Krsna.


  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji., 

    That bhava is surely nice. That you will be disturbing Radha Krishna in Goloka. But don't you think its high time we have kept them waiting for such a long long time for us to call HIM out.  But again our call should have the cry like Gajendra aarth nadam. ( cry with complete surrender). If not Lord is always listening to you but to make him distrubed and leave all his dear devotees in Vaikunta or goloka to come out for you. Your cry should be having real pain and surrender. 

    There are 7 gates to Vaikuntam.  These 7 check points or security check gates need to open make Lord listen to you.

    The 1.lust gate, 2, envy gate, 3. anger gate, 4. jealousy gate, 5. pride gate 6. greed gate 7.ego gate.

    If you have clearance at all these gates.. Then the call will reach out to disturb Lord.

    Just as in Ganjendra Moksham katha.  Lord didn't come until Gajendra was depending on his relatives, friends for help... and then he tried to free from crocodile himself  thinking he still had strength.. when totally he was lost. He was not longer prideful about his youth, or about his strength. He completely lost faith iin all people around and did total sharnagati.. Then only the cry reached to Lord. And remember how Lord ran from Vaikunta pulling his anaga vastram which was tied to Laxmi ji's and Lord was busy with Her at that time playing a game ( board game ). Lord pulls his upper cloth it was not coming out.. he just left it and ran out without his armor, without his crown, without formal dress, all His Weapons kept racing behind HIM ( Shankh , Chakra Gadha , Padma  all were following Lord), He sat on Gaurada and came rushing to Gajendra to help him. whole Vaikuntam was running behind him Laxmi ji was , even demigod ran to see why was Lord rushing so hastily without taking anything. all the complete entourage of vaikuntam following Lord. That type of cry of Sharnagati If we have Lord will surely get disturbed. But as of now... we have so many issues within ourself . We are not free from all vices.. our cry is not having so much surrender.

    Hope when our end day comes we shall call out to Lord on the deathbed atleast once like Gajendra to really distrub Lord.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krsna Mataji,

      Thank you for this transcendental knowledge. I am pleased to know that he hears but doesn't gets disturbed. I never used to think such about Krishna but don't know why I used to think that I might disturb Srimati Radha Rani as she is the most merciful and I never want that she get seperated from lord even for a millisecond. I don't know why but I am more in devotion of Radha Rani than Krishna. I consider her to be greater than Krishna. Even though scriptures say no one is greater than Krishna. Hence I used to worry about it from many months. Thank you for clearing my doubt. 

      Hare Krsna 

      • Hare Krishna prabhu ji,

        That is really a very nice bhava that I am not going to be disturb shrimati radharani and will ever seperate her again from Krishna. This bhava itself is very pure and cute. But Lord Krishna and Radharani are not seperate from each other. Whereever Lord is there Shrimati Radharani automatically comes. Becuase, Krishna Internal energy is Radha .. The smile while you see on Krishna face, the glow and radiance which you see on Krishna's face is Radharani. 

        Just like Sandal wood is never seperate from its fragrance. Just like sweetness is not seperate from sugar. That is the position of Shree Radha.

        If you see Laxmi ji she is Patni wife position. Lord can leave her and go separately but without Radha how can He exist?

        So, its our misunderstanding that we are seeing them are two seperate entities. But actually they are one.

        Lord can never be seperate from Her.  Even if He gets disturbed by you Aartha Natha ( cry of surrender) He may leave Laxmi and come running to you He may leave his weapons, He may leave armor .. But he cannot leave his glow and smile they are always with Him. Radharani's is residing in Lord internally. 

        One story:--

        One time there was a old woman, she had only one daughter. her husband died and she somehow spared some money and got her daughter married to a guy and the couple used to live happily in next village. now this buddhiyan used stay all alone she had noone to take care of her. She had one deity of Krsna with her. She used to just feel that deity as her son, some relative whatever. She didn't have anyone else to depend upon. So her main duty was to just to take care of the little Krsna deity just like how a mother takes care of her child. Seeing for all its needs. daily asking how are you? do you need water, are you feeling cold. Let me give you a warm cloth. so much relationship she made with the deity. everyday she used to take to it.  every minute she was feeling she was accompanied by Lord and was always happy some one is there with her and she is never alone. Like this time went by.

        One day the daughter from the next village came home suddenly. The mother was afraid that her daughter why she left her grihasthi and came suddenly. Did she do any aparadh to displease her husband or inlaws. she was worried and asked why did you come here suddenly? The daughter said.. I am having so much dry cough these days.. suddenly it comes in bouts when I am eating food or drinking water , I get choked up and cough cough. So I thought someone is thinking about me all the time. It must be my mother., whoelse can think about me. Maybe she is very sick and wants me to come see her , thinking so I came to check on you.

        Then the mother realized oh if we think about someone so deeply they get sudden bouts of cough. So, she said I am alright now you can leave you inlaws and husband need you. Pls. go  daughter got satisfied that her mother is okay and left. Now this old woman felt she is disturbing Lord so much daily thinking about HIM. And how much Lord is coughing because of repeated thinking. See.., look at the pure bhava. She stopped immediately talking to krishna. She didn't want Lord to get cough. This is her bhava. She kept crying day and night thinking I did a ghor paap that I was continuously talking to Lord and maybe Lord had so much cough all because of me. I am such a ...bad woman.. that this she was constanly feeling sad.

        And she kept her super busy and would not even talk to Krishna and dared to remember HIM. But Krishna here got used to her prem bhav. How can Lord live without her now? She was serving Lord with so much love that Lord HIMSelf came to her as a small boy and said Maa., pls. give me some space to live, I am an orphan. I can do household works for you, cut woods from the forest and get for you. I will do all the cleaning in your house., I will clean the cow shed also. But pls. let me live with you. You can just give me 2 times meals. I have small tummy. I wont eat much. I wont complain said the little boy who was only like 8-9 yr old. The old lady felt compassionate and said okay you can stay with me. I will give you 3 times meals, dont worry about the meals. and I am not so cruel that I will make you alone work. I will work around with you and help you,.. but what is you name she asked to the boy?? 

        The boy said my name is Madhava replied the boy. HHAHA see this Lord and she instanly forgot her vow not to take the name fo Lord at all. She was daily calling around Madhava do this, Madhava come take ur meals. Madhava that madhava this.. She was totally into Madhava and she was in Lord's maya she forgot her vow of never disturbing Lord and nicley taking Lord's name in this way. This is how Lord takes your service even when you feel you are disturbing him .. He will never feel so. He will make sure you continue you love for Him :-)

        This way time passed and one fine day Lord ended her leela in mortal world and took her along with Him to His abode.

        Hare Krishna.

        • Hare Krsna Mataji,

          Thank you mataji for delivering this beautiful leela performed by Lord and his devotee to me. And thank you to make me realize that they are completely one and krishna couldn't even exist without Radha(This is the most pleasing thing that I have heard in my life time). I am really feeling blessed that Lord is delivering many of his pastimes to me through pure devotees like you. You all spend your previous time of this human life in helping fallen soul like me ( very much thank you for this). I request all Vaishnavas to please provide me your blessings so that I too can serve lord. 

          Thank you, 

          Hare Krsna 

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