hare krsna 2 All............. Plz accept ma humbl obeisances..................

m dixa bhavsar...m 17 years old........i lov krsna so much.........i evn read bhagwad gita-as it is nd many other books........i evn chant 16 rounds daily of hare krsna mahamantra...............bt still m nt abl 2 handl dis dualities in ma life.........i wanna b stabl in each nd evry situation in ma lyf......niether 2 happy nor 2 sad.............jst wanna dedicate ma lyf,ma deeds 2 krsna................

bt m in mode of passion...................plz tell me hw cn i take myself on d platform of goodness??????????

dis material things attract me though i try 2 be aloof 4m dis things.........

1 mor thing abt which m lotto confused..........................................................i hav nvr lived alone in ma lyf bt dis days m living in hostel since a month as m persuing ma BAMS studies nd gonna b doctor in 4 years..............All dis things r cool bt my aim is 2 do top in all exams..........der r many clever students than me in my class bt still i dream 2 b a university topper...........nd i'll try ma best 4 dis.......bt i dnt understand whether dis m dng 4 krsna or jst 4 maself................???????????

Plz suggest me hw can i dedicate ma passion 2 krsna .............m jst lost in all dis things.............wanna com out as soon as i can..............

jst need association nd advice of u vaishnavas cz then nd then nly i can boost maself up in krsna bhakti.........................


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  • bt nw again 1 more prblm came..actly here i need 2 study so many shlokhas in sanskrit nd dats nt ma cup of tea.dats nt atall easy 4 me...........bt 2 b a topper i need 2 learn it.................plz suggest me smthing so dat i cn take dis thing also as wish orels i shud say mercy of krsna..........
    • if u will practise your sadhana well.. then every other thing will happen automatically..


      ive seen that the days when i chant my rounds and go before exams, my exams go n very well n this does not mean that i am Karma kandi.. (i wish to do well in my studies cz every in my clg knows that m a krsna devotee), so by seeing me do well, even they get inspired(atleast 5 of them hav turned to Kc after seeing me).


      dont try to mug up slokas, just try to recite them daily (atleast 1 each day)- m sure u can do dat by reading them frm Bhagavad Gita-as it is..

      and regarding topping in studies, its very good to have such aims(being a university topper) but Krsna should be in the centre (say, i want to top so that by seeing me others will also get inspired and become KC) , this is why, i always like to top in my studies :-)

      hari bol

      • thanx gaurav prabhuji......



  • thanks a lot every1 ................
    ur advices r helping me lot in upgrading myself in kc.
  • hare krsna

    nice topic

    we always need the mercy of vaishnavas parampara and the lord we have to pray for that

    and follow there instructions and sucsess is sure your age is the right age to preach whomever you meet talk about krsna

    devotees say what the scriptures saintly people say just like shravan prabhu said to do sankirtan try it in the association of devotees and you will receive the mercy when i was in india i travelled city to city village to village and distibuted srila prabhupadhas books even now in us iam doing sankirtan and book distribution but due to my household responsibility i am not so active but i relis h when i am out approach people and they also cha nge on spot when they come in contact with the books they become happy you can also try excuse me here you go check out yoga meditation karma and atma  distribute the mercy inthe form harinaam books prasad in the association of devotees and you are sure to recive the mercy hare krsdna

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    Only way is when you help others with Krishna Bhakti.

    If you want Krishna, then give others Krishna.

    Perform Nagar Sankirtana. That is the first instruction of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

    Performing "Japa Alone" is not sufficient.
    Someone correct me if I am wrong. If performing Sankirtana, congregational street chanting is unnecessary. Perform Sankirtana everyday, like you do Japa and you come back and tell me if Lord Krishna is not your best friend.

    All glories to Harinam Sankirtan. All glories to Srila Prabhupad.
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    Hare Krishna Dixa mataji,




    This is a phase of life which each one of us go through some time or the other when we come to Krishna Consciousness. There are many question that you have asked here and I will try to answer from what I have learned from my seniors.


    You said you are reading BG As-It-Is. In BG, Krishna never told Arjuna to give up his job of fighting and run away. In fact, Krishna made Arjuna to change his discussion to fight the war. So what we have to learn by this is that we should never give up our occupational duty in the name of Devotional Service. Krishna never said that to do. A devotee should have a balance between both occupational and constitutional duties. From what I understand in your case is that you are doing well in your constitutional duty by chanting 16 rounds of HK and reading SP books and also, from the occupational duty perspective, there is nothing wrong in your aspirations to top the class. In fact, you have to try your best to achieve that goal in your studies.


    Srila Prabhupaada went to west to preach the message of Lord and brought them to spread the HK movement in India. Why? Because, the society follows the path taken by achievers. America is a advanced nation. when they take up KC and become devotees, we Indians think why I should not follow the same path. Similarly, if you top the university and still remain KC, you will attract many many of the students to practice KC and become devotees like you. One of my junior from my college NIT Surathkal who happens to be a devotee too topped the GATE exam by getting 1 rank at All India leavel and there was a article published in leading news paper that HK devotee tops the toughest exam in nation. This is called preaching by example. So, do not have any hesitation in weather you should top the university or not.


    There may be more cleaver students in the class. But, Krishna is the source of all intelligence. If he thus desires, he shall give you the intelligence to remember better than others. However, we need to follow this one very simple principle in any of our endeavors - "DO YOUR BEST AND LEAVE THE REST TO KRISHNA". From your side you prepare as well as possible without compromising on you bhakthi (chanting, hearing and reading) and don't worry about the results. If you top, then try to think that Krishna is soo merciful, that even though I do not deserve to be a topper, he has put me in that position. If some how by the divine arrangement it does not happen that way, then we should think that there is something that I am lacking in my preparation for the exam or while writing the exam. This is very difficult to practice though may look very simple when read. But Krishna says in BG, by contentious practice one can achieve it.


    Lastly, regarding the passionate mode. SP says that if we are in the more of passion, we should take some heavy physical services. I am not sure of your whereabouts. But if you have a temple nearby, visit as frequently as possible, dance nicely in the kirtan, help devotees in temple services, hear Krishna katha, have nice Krishna Prasadam. In all these activities, the association of devotees is very very important. If we keep Iron rod with fire, after some time, the black iron rod will turn red hot and gains the properties of fire. This is the power of association. When we associate with devotees who are in the mode of goodness, we develop the same mode in our life also. If we associate with materialists, then we will be mostly in the mode of ignorance and passion. You can try to change your room with some pious mataji who need not be devotee but is not too much disturbing your saadhana.


    Lastly, remember the ABCD of spirituality given by Srila Prabhupada

    A - Association of devotees

    B - Reading SP Books

    C - Chanting HK 16 rounds daily

    D - Diet (eat only Krishna Prasadam)


    I believe the last one is little difficult for you but try to follow for you in hostel. Try to follow what ever is possible. All the best. Hare Krishna.

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    Hare Krishna,

    Love for Krishna is a very high platform at our level, it cannot be achieved very easily.

    It is not that as soon as we start practicing devotional service, we will become pure and indifferent to situations, it takes time. Patience is required because Krishna tests our sincerity. Initially, in the process we may get a lot of taste because everything seems to be new, but the challenge is how we maintain sincerity in the process year after year.

    Krishna sees the desire in your heart as He is the Paramatma and if you show your sincerity he will give you whatever you need to progress in spiritual life.

    To know how you can dedicate your passions in KC, please get in touch with senior devotees in any nearby ISKCON temple, they will be able to guide you better and personally.

  • thanks a lot mataji..........
    ur advice helped me a lot......
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    Hare Krishna dear Dixa Bhasvar Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    To be come a doctor after 4 years is COOL!!! You study well, it means try to think not of exam results but the subject itself. If You learn biology or anatomy learn them deeply so that in the future You will be able to help people. Not just to get a paper - diploma. i am sure that You are doing that almost.
    It is very nice that also You have time to chant minimum 16 rounds and regularly reading Bhagavad Gita! other wise if we are materialistic then we are 0-zero. when we get diplomas we may become 00 or 00000 then what is the use?
    But Krishna is "1" if we put Him in front we will be 10000 ;-)
    Now You are in the fighting field. Your arrows are books and Your subjects. In the morning chant, read, and go to Your college and think that You are doing it just because Krishna ordered You to become a doctor!
    We need all doctors to be Devotees!
    Wish You best wishes and strength!
    Your servant,
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