all about three vishnu/purush avataras of krishna

can any one pls tell me 'in detail' about all three purush avataras of krishna and from whom kshirodakshayi vishnu appeared i.e from karnodakshayi or from garbhodakshayi ?

i know about paalanhar/kshirodakshayi vishnu but dont know much about other two.

hare krishna !!

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  • Personally I have no authority or rite to clam any modicum of devotion to anyone much less vThe Formost and Most High God Krishna. I'm a simpl illiterate more enthralled in the Storm of Mya's illusions than most. Only do to the good guidance of the superior knowledge & instructions of the ISKCON Bhakti's do I venture to share the enthusiasm they have sheared with me for the sake of my own understanding do I dear say anything at all hear in this sacred-forum. So please excuse my spiritualized ferver, as I know/ & understand all to well my helplessness in truth! & am simply taking the shelter of the "The potencys of Krishna ka-tah" in order to attempt to deminesh the affliction of my posision of degraded insignificance. I thank you all for your much needed tolerances. Sincerely, a storm chancing 1st. Responder as we speak. Hare bolah Om pornomah.
  • As Krishna is saied to be the single expression of the vcompleet & full potential s of The Head God, of what real or lasting value/significance is such an inquisition & indeed it seems to me, that it can only serve as a distractions considering logically Krishna is not only the orraginal GodHead & thereby the most-eternal amung-Them but further has explicitly instructed us to direct our inquiries to & about Him alone. I say this question is not taking your limitations do to the eternal time factors into consideration and is therefore irrelevant thereforeb
    No comment.
    "Runming scarred of & frum Mya's delusional time wasting potancys" Shaktimana dasah )
    No offence intended !
  • Please refer my answer -

  • Hare Krsna ,

    Please read Srimad Bhagavatam as well as Chaitanya Charitamrta to clear your questions regarding the Purusha avatars. They give a detailed account of it .

    As you know Vishnu incarnations in material world are all plenary expansions of the Adi-Purusha , Krsna .
    Plenary expansions are Krsna Himself but Krsna expands into many many expansions in order to carry out the affairs of the Universe . The Adi-Purusha , Krsna stays in Goloka Vrindavana along with His associates relishing loving pastimes with them.

    Please have a look at the table in the link .
    The Hare Krsnas - The Philosophy - Incarnations of the Lord - Hierarchy of Incarnations

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    • As the same Lord sits on altar and in the heart of everyone,

      the same causal water is in Karana and Garbhodaka ocean.

      • SB 11.24.10I Myself appeared within that egg, which was floating on the causal water, and from My navel arose the universal lotus, the birthplace of self-born Brahmā


  • in vedas/puranas there is no mention of other two's. also these words are come into existence in this kaliyuga only and not before this in any other yuga but they all know that there is only one vishnu who is palanhar or one who resides in vaikuntha who is non-different from palanhar or vaikuntha is abode of palanhar vishnu etc.
    please clear this. hare krishna.
    • As you already know, God is only one, but its seems He is many. Only those who are advanced in spiritual life really knows that. 

      For better understanding lets say like this:

      In the beginning when Lord  lie in the causal ocean Karbodaka , He is known as Karbodakashayi, then the same Lord starts to create many universes. In every of these individual material universes He then creates like egg or womb of total material energy-(mahatattva) . Because of that womb -Garbha- the same Lord is known as Garbodakashayi. When Lord lays on Ocean of Milk in every  of thiese individual universe, He is known as Kshirodakashayi ( kshira-milk) ,who then enters into the heart of everyone as paramatma. 



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