alittle help to my dad?

hare krsna, dandavata dear devotee.i am realy in need of help to my dad.its not a new problem i am sharing a common problem that our society i have shared dis problem b4 dad beginning from hiS Youth age had been drinking alcohol and cigarates due to bad asociation. its been now lyk 25 yrs til now,he'd nt left d bad habit,he'd had serious acident, had many fight wid family,taken money wid so many(til nw nt paid),had so many clashes over this year.he has nw so many debts to stil sticking to old habit.none of his relative help or support him anymore .ie means to trust him.he's nevr intrsted in god's ultimate intoxication.since i had been to k.c more than 2yr.i cnt help him.since he lives little far away,i am nw realy fed up.i knw hes my dad nd i'd helped trying to tell him milions of tym to cme iskcon devote,chant,.etc but no use. i chant sme rounds 4 him.nd trying my best to pray4him in festival nd ekadasi,bt i am realy wanting to help him, whenvr i try to bring satsang program he's like nt in favor.i know that if only by d mery of gaur nitai ,nd guru he,wil at least get rid al dese useles habit nd get in touch inKc. its nw upto d limit nd he' dsnt work drink and smoke frm morning.slep al tv. and nt do anything.hes abt 45 and if i cn help him.nd he'd become intrsted than i believe my whole family wil b benifited.nw my mom nd sis chant hare krsna in japa ,bt m realy woried abt dad. seing him smetime make me frustated nd angry. my mom did so much puja nd even gave anti smoking bt no use!i dnt knw wat practical reasn i must folow.plz help me. its ben lengthy? i hope u undrstand.haribol

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  • pray to sri krishna.

  • tried bt dsnt work either.haribol
  • sometimes showing the fear or narka(नर्क) works . try this and if he didnt trust then say him how the world is created example - most peoples blindly believe that human is a evoulution of gorilla,tortoise etc etc..... this is very very wrong. if he ask this then tell him some info if you read bhagwatam you will get much info that how the world is created ! dont mind if you dont like my suggestion . i just tell this because some persons try to folloow the real path after hearing the result of bad karma and narka loka . hare krishna !

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