After Oh my God. Now we have P.K

Hare krishna to all devoteespamho AGTSPAfter Oh my God. Now we have new movie P.K which is again conveying same points. Ultimate message seems to be same as oh my God to reject all Godmen or middlemen. Movie also don't give message to love God or chant his holy names. But it presents our Relationship with him is simply of Give and take. It will again delude less Intelligent people for sure, how to deal with it? Why only fraud spiritual Gurus portrayed in such movies? Why not they tell people from whom to take authorised knowledge about God and who is real Guru? Why not they gives example of great Spiritual masters like Srila Prabhupada, Radhanath swami and so on, whose making millions of people devotees of Lord?Since this is Aamir khan movie, so it will be more influencing than Oh my God movie. It will obviously break all box office records. But I fear, it could create negative doubts in the mind of sincere spiritual seekers. As message is same, To reject all Godmens. Because concept of this movie is almost 80% same as of Oh my God movie. Just plot is different Kanji bhai was shown as atheist and P.K(Aamir khan) is shown as Alien. Who reject all rituals and current business which is going on in the name of God.I wish Iskcon make high budget movie on life of Srila Prabhupada and deliver these all deluding rascals. I'm sure it will be game changing in the history KC. But it should be as magnificent as these movies.

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  • degradation of lord shiva

    1.shiv jise kisi ka dar nahi....their person in shiv character crying for help and fearing aamir khan.

    2.Now presenting the dance of shiva.....shiva comes out screaming bachayo and who audience laughing not because pk is chasing the person but lord shiva who is trying to save himself from pk.

    3. Showing the later condition of scared character lord shiva hurts the sentiments of shiv bhakts.

    the whole act with shiv trying to make mockery of lord shiva showing him scared of pk and on other end talking about fearlessness of shiva.


    In another case pk degrades idol worshipp by creating humour on worshipping idols. He kept a stone outside the college and all students came to pray the stone out of fear of their exam.

    he says that a pathar with lal teeka is enough and people(hindus-the idol worshippers) will out of fear will go to extend of worshipping stones also.

    This hits the sentiments of hindus who r mostly idol worshippers.

    During this incident pk says that those who fear goes to temples and then try to remove the rings which father of anushka is wearing which provokes the father and he slaps pk telling him that "Dharm k maamle mein swaal ni uthate, its about faith". Then Anushka comes on tv and says why these people try to curb their voices and donot let them ask any questions against dharma.

    --I don't say anything about other religions that whether people r tortured if they ask any question against their religion to their heads. But I am can say that in hinduism u can not get ex-communicated for toeing the line. No one will kill u or torture u if u asks questions about ur dharma. There is an ancient practice of shashtraths where people with different viewpoints discuss with each other to reach to the truth. Hindus r highly tolerant and many sects has been sprung out of hinduism due to difference in ideology but no violence has ever been seen. Hindus have always beliedved that sarv dharma sambhav... ekam satyam vipra bahudha vadanti

    Educating public that u should have the rights to ask questions from ur religious heads and religious heads should not torture u if u question the faith of religion is a good thing. But using Hinduism as a tool in which every indiviual already has the liberty to ask questions and no one ever got ex-communicated proof of which is our above sciptures, degrades the very pillar of hinduism. It's a lie that is shown. If anywhere this practice is done then it is not the part of hinduism philosophy.

    ------------Moreover the message shown in the movie is that God is one and we should abide by it and should not create differences between us by saying that our religion god is supreme than ur religion god. This message is also good. But again the director has used hinduism to project this example. I don't know whether other religion possess this thinking that their god is only supreme , but such thing do not prevail in Hinduism. The very philosophy of hinduism says sarv dharma sambhav... ekam satyam vipra bahudha vadanti which means that their can be various ways of finding truth but truth is one. It clearly says that god is one.

    In the movie director uses a hindu godman, projecting a negative image of him and pk giving him the advice or pearls of wisdom that god is one.

    This hurts the sentiments of hindus as hindus already say that god is one but can be seen in many forms. This scene projects a negative image of hinduism showing that it do not believe in the concept of one god which is truly false.


    In another scene where pk goes to a temple and buys lord krishna idol, he converse with the shopkeeper.

    shopkeeper-god has made us all. we have just made his idols.

    pk- why u make his idols.

    shopkeeper- so that we can pray them, talk to them

    pk- is their any transmitter fit in idols?

    shopkeeper- god don't need transmitter. he can directly listen.

    pk- if he can directly listen then why u need idols to worship?

    shopkeeper- dhandha bandh karwayega kya!

    The reply of the shopkeeper hurts the sentiments of hindus who r idol worshippers. In hinduism, idols are not taken as idols made of clay. Rather a hindu while praying to an idol remembers the gunas of that idol and pray. Just like while saluting the national flag, indians don't salute the stick and the cloth, its the spirit of motherland which is invoked by the flag which is saluted.

    Shopkeeper saying dhandha bandh karwayega kya! as a reply to the question of why idol worship if god can directly listen hits the sentiments of hindu. In Hinduism idol worship did not start with the aim of running business and making money out of these idols. It is the faith and maligning it on the silver screen by calling it a mere business thing is an attempt of degrading idol worshipping hence hinduism which can not be tolerated.


    Though director of pk says that they r hitting at the gap/hatred which religious heads are creating, but they have used hinduism to a very large extent to potray this. They have created a villain who is a hindu dhongi baba who says that bhagwan kehte hain mandir banayo. In hinduism there is no such philosophy and no such baba says such thing. The villain in the movie says this thing because he is a villain who creates poison in the mind of hindus against other religion. By showing villain which belongs to hinduism, the movie has shown the wrong concept of hinduism. Neither hinduism supports this philosophy nor can hindus tolerate such maligning of hinduism on the concepts which it has never supported.

    Movie clearly puts hinduism on bad terms and all the hindu babas are shown as Dhongis. India is the land of spirituality and there are many saints like buddha, mahavir, gurunanak, and many sages. Movie one sided potray of dhongi image of all the babas hurts the sentiments of hindus as we have many saints and sages who understand the true meaning of dharma(which has nothing to do with religion/saampradhaya) and are spiritual beings. Putting an image on the public mind that all babas are magicians, dhongis shows hinduism as a religion filled with these con men. It's not true and we severely condemn it as it maligns the image of hinduism.
  • PK has much more dangerous effect than OMG. OMG has provided solution to all questions of our life i.e. reading Bhagavad Gita. and it also targeted all religion. But in PK only Sanatan Dharma / Hindus were targeted and no other religion. It did not provided any solution to the question asked in the movies as shown in OMG.

    See the number of songs and quality of songs shown in Bollywood movies targeting Radha-Krishna-Shiva-Hanuman. and compare the songs written on allah/moullah showcasing them as Pure/divine... What conception our Indian youth will have about Hindu Gods / Goddess ?? Its really a matter of concern...:(

    Dandvat Pranaam to all Devotees !!

  • Chanting of MahaMantra with pure devotion can connect any soul to God.  With the grace and guidance of a spiritual master One can attain the path towards His lotus feet.  every being is born under the command of One supreme consciousness. Dharma is karma.        once the self is realized it represents the will of God in itself. 

    Hare Krishna Hare krishna

    krishna Krishna  Hare hare

    Hare Rama Hare Rama

    Rama Rama Hare hare

  • Hare Krishna Nidhi Mataji,

    I am very much glad that you have accepted the one sided fact about P.K. Movie and i will also sure watch this movie bye the way i have not seen any movie from my own expenses since 2004 and that also cheated by my colleague, otherwise i was not interested . And last free movie i had shown  by the company and i never watched any movie even free because of wastage of money & time & senses.

    Mataji you no need to ask for any apology, you have shown such a great regards for all devotees that you already have been excused. Mataji your word shows that you are a true devotee of Lord Krishna and he will surely bless you. Mataji you know what is the difference in Devotee & Non-Devotee.  Devotee accept the mistakes easily and non-devotee always blame and stuck at one point.

    I never comment so big post on ISKCON DESIRE TREE but when i saw that some devotees are misguided, that is why i became compel to write such a big post.

    Mataji please make understand to Gaurav Prabhuji also as he was saying all your post correct.

    Your Humble Servant

    Bhuwan Dutt Bawari

    Hare Krishna


      I think Gaurav Prabhuji was not saying my all post correct he was only saying that my method was v risky because i was favouring an act of goodness but that is not devotion .I have to go a v long way to be in a position to learn how   to serve KRISHNA.I am a v fallen person ,i don't know difference b/w devotion and goodness.



  • Very Nice Mataji!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hari Bol!!!!!!!!!

  • Hare Krishna mataji. 

        You are absolutely right. but I want to remark you only on one thing. It is,

    there is no problem with serving poor people.. but the main question is, will they satisfied with this service? No., they will become more n more hungry to get this kind of service. As Srila Prabhupada said that the best way to serve any people is to teach them 'how to live this life and specifically how to advance in spirituality'. Because we are born in this materialistic world,Grief and Happiness are the part of it. but what we need to show them is eternal happiness, "Loving Lord Krishna". So, Serve poor people as much as you can but by showing them the right spiritual way.

    Hari Bol. 

  • Hare Krishna

    PK फिल्म पर बन रहे बवाल पर एक कवि मित्र की ताजा कविता:

    मैं बस एक सनातन धर्मी,थोडा सा झुंझलाया हूँ,
    आज शाम को आमिर तेरी फिल्म देखकर आया हूँ,

    सीधे सीधे कुछ सवाल है,ज़रा खोलकर कान सुनो,
    सुनो हिरानी,सुनो चोपड़ा,प्यारे आमिर खान सुनो,

    इस दुनिया के हर मज़हब में कहाँ नही कमियां बोलो,
    और अछूती रीति रिवाजों से है कब दुनिया बोलो,

    धर्म सनातन आडम्बर है,और कहानी गढ़ लेते,
    लेकिन चोट मारने से पहले गीता ही पढ़ लेते,

    आडम्बर ही था दिखलाना,तो कुछ और बड़ा करते,
    हर मज़हब के आगे,इसका मुद्दा आप खड़ा करते,

    केवल धर्म सनातन ही क्यों तुमको चुभा बताओ जी,
    कहाँ नही आडम्बर,कोई मज़हब तो दिखलाओ जी,

    भूल गए तुम टोपी जालीदार दिखाना भूल गए,
    आडम्बर नमाज़ पढना है,ये बतलाना भूल गए,

    अमरनाथ पर तंज कसे पर हज का चर्चा भूल गए,
    मस्जिद बनने पर मिलता सरकारी खर्चा भूल गए,

    अगर लेटकर मंदिर में आना जाना आडम्बर है
    तो फिर या हुसैन कहकर कोड़े खाना आडम्बर है,

    नहीं दिखाए तुमने कटते गाय बैल और बकरे क्यों,
    केवल हिन्दू परम्परा के तौर तरीके अखरे क्यों,

    हमने तो धागे बरगद के चारों ओर बंधाएं है,
    तुमने हज में जाकर बोलो किसके चक्कर खाए हैं,

    तुम ज्ञानी हो अगर तुम्हे मंदिर आडम्बर लगते हैं,
    हमको भी मस्जिद के सब मंज़र आडम्बर लगते हैं,

    सत्यमेव जयते के नायक,आधा सत्य दिखाया क्यों,
    छुपा लिया इस्लाम,सनातन धर्म मिथक बतलाया क्यों,

    ये सवाल कुछ ऐसे हैं जिनका जवाब देना होगा,
    कलाकार हो समानता का भी हिसाब देना होगा,

    इस पीके से खूब कमा लो,मौका तुमको दिया चलो,
    पक्षपात जो किया आपने,माफ़ आप को किया चलो,

    शर्त यही है थोड़ी हिम्मत लानी होगी छाती में,
    अगली पीके फिल्म बनाओ जाकर आप कराची में
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    • Mataji pranaam, Bahut achi kavita hai
    • I am sorry that i forgot to mention - this is NOT written by has come from a friend - i posted it as it was speaking my heart.

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